How Android 14 Will Let You Clone Apps To Make It Easier To Manage Multiple Accounts

How Android 14 Will Let You Clone Apps To Make It Easier To Manage Multiple Accounts
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One of the wishes of Android users has been for a long time for the operating system to support multiple app installs for different accounts. One click to log in and post to your new Hulk Hogan Reddit account. One click to manage your Etsy shop with Howie Mandel patterns.

Thanks to a feature called "App Cloning" in Android 14 Developer Preview 1, that wish may soon come true.

Use App Clone in Android 14 to Access Multiple Accounts

XDA was able to find the cloned apps features page. The site describes the feature as allowing the user to "create a second copy of the app so you can use two accounts at the same time," the site says. App clone functionality confirmed.

Note that cloned apps are included in the Android 14 Developer Preview. There is no official guarantee that Android 14 will be available once the first stable version hits your device later this year. But if/when it's ready (and we're guessing it's a matter of "when", not "if"), XDA's screenshots clearly show how the process will work.

On the cloned programs screen, select the program you want to clone. Wait for the copy to be available, open it and log in with your preferred credentials. This eliminates the hassle of accessing websites and apps or juggling between two different devices for ease of use. You now have two apps for two different connections on one device. Well now we are excited.

Android app cloning is traditionally finicky

App cloning is not new to Android. We have already mentioned how to install two copies of the same program on Android. You may have done it yourself through third-party clone apps that install the same Android app twice with Dual Space.


But not all programs can be cloned by third-party services. Results can also be random. Now that Google is officially supporting app cloning and managing multiple accounts on a single device, it will bring stability and functionality to a feature that has desperately needed mainstream Android integration for years.

This feature seems easier to use than other app clone solutions that you can already find on Google Play.

Easily manage multiple accounts on Android 14

Managing multiple accounts on Android phones is tedious. But Google has a chance to get rid of cloned apps. If you want to clone a specific app and assign two accounts to each app, check out this cool new feature in Android 14!

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