Minecraft: 25 Insanely Useful Redstone Contraptions

Minecraft: 25 Insanely Useful Redstone Contraptions

At the end of the day , Minecraft is a pretty simple game. Everything is pretty intuitive when it comes to making, especially since you can go back with the recipe book and go through all the recipes you know so far. However, there is one form of in-game skill that is only for the smart: Redstone Gear .

If Redstone sounds like a foreign language in Minecraft , don't worry. Playing simple farms will teach players the basics. Redstone is worth starting with because many things can be automated and simplified. Less time tending to plants, more time building or researching. Without further ado, here are the most useful Redstone tools.

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Updated January 29, 2023 By Ben Painter: Minecraft players have switched to redstone gear to liven up the game. Use in-game cables and electronics to create farms and other useful objects to bring your designs to life. Players will be familiar with some basic builds like XP or Wheat Farm, but there are more advanced builds that require some skill with step-by-step instructions that can be found on YouTube.

The idea of ​​Minecraft Redstone is one of the best ways to enrich Minecraft players so that they no longer have to search for certain resources. Five more Redstone tools have been added in this update, featuring crazy designs to make your Minecraft experience even more satisfying.

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25 elevation of the bladder

Bubble lifts have been very popular in Minecraft since the 1.13 update. This is a great build for players who build large builds and like to move from one place to another quickly. It's also a great space-saving alternative to strollers.

There is now a Redstone version of this bubble lifter that makes it a bit more automated. One of the best and easiest Minecraft engines in the game. There is a theme from TBOGGs that is great for all Bedrock Edition players. Another feature of Shulkercraft is compatibility with the Java version.

24 algae farms

Some players may wonder what the point of growing seaweed is, and the answer is simple: fuel. Kelp is very useful in Minecraft and has been a great alternative to coal and coal blocks since its introduction in 1.13. Best of all, it regenerates and is easy to grow as a robotic farm.

This seaweed farm is one of the many examples of Minecraft Redstone tools that players can create in the game. This theme was created by Sirius Bluu and still works great on Java version 1.19. For Bedrock players, the JC Playz has a simpler, label-free design that's nice and compact when space is an issue.

23 x-ray machines

Xray is a controversial thing in Minecraft , and anyone playing on multiplayer survival servers should not try to cheat it. However, players who are just having fun with their friends can use this simple code to create an x-ray machine that requires a minimal amount of redstone.

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There are several models in circulation, but the most famous are the docm77 and Shulkercraft models. The idea behind this Minecraft engine is generally the same, players are pushed into the compost with a piston that allows them to see the bottom.

22 Armor of the Wardrobe

Wearing armor is pretty boring in Minecraft , right? It may only last a few moments, but saving time and efficiency is everything, especially late in the Minecraft game. Many builders have come up with ways to create something like an armor locker that automatically provides the player with gear when they enter it. Useful ideas from Redstone Minecraft .

This design usually includes a series of distributors, which can be slightly more expensive to manufacture. One great one was made by cubfan135, and even though the design is almost a decade old, it still sat on the sidelines while players added iterations. A more modern design was created by Shulkercraft.

21 small estates

Bigger doesn't always mean better, and that's certainly true for many of the things players can do in Minecraft . In particular, a farm does not have to be large to function well or produce a lot of produce. In fact, a small farm is all most players need in a single-player survival adventure game.

The downside to these small farms that use monitors is that they depend on players having a lot of bone meal. It helps if the player's last seed is Spiritual Sand Valley where they can mine some bone blocks. For a great design based on this concept, check out the T2 Studio tutorial.

20 vending machines

While these minecraft redstone tools may not be needed in survival mode, creating full-fledged vending machines on servers where players often have to open shops and other businesses can be a good idea to collect extra diamonds or emeralds. It's a small independent shop that automatically sells what you're looking for.

There are all kinds of designs, from complex ones where the numbers are written on a piece of paper to simple ones where the player just has to spin a dart. For the distributor pictured above, check out this demo from CR3WProductionz, and for a simple tutorial, check out Twiistz's video.

19 bunkers

Storage isn't just important for smooth survival, but if your chest keeps filling up, that's usually a sign that something needs to be cleaned up. While finding a pool of lava to drop everything in your inventory is pretty easy, there is a more elegant and practical way.

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Many of the more complex redstone bins contain items in containers that act as hoppers, where the items pass through the hopper into a dispenser and finally into a safe lava block, either underground or behind the block. The good thing about this building is that safety comes first, meaning the lava will have no problem burning down half the house or players. Adult Only Minecraft has a very nice and simple design of a special Minecraft red stone car.

18 elytra launchers

Once the player has obtained the coveted Elytra, there is no other way to turn around than to fly at high speed. It's a great way to get through the game easily, but the ability to shoot fireworks isn't always reliable and can be dangerous.

Because of this, many gamers are creating projects for a type of platformer that uses TNT or other game mechanics to advance players using Redstone tools. For a super-safe design that's guaranteed to work, check out Team Fox's launcher, which uses a boat as its primary launch vehicle.

17 bedtime alarms

Everyone has done this at least once in their Minecraft career: standing in front of their bed at sunset and frantically spamming until their character jumps onto the bed. Fortunately, the spam time spent interacting with your bed can be put to better use with an alarm clock that tells you the time of day.

It may seem like a useless Minecraft tool , but it gives sunset players a few extra minutes to perform their final act in their base. Mumbo Jumbo shows this simple and easy bedtime alarm clock in his video and also shows how to make it.

16 banks of XP

With the introduction of Bamboo, players can finally find a very easy way to enhance their experience. It's not about fighting monsters or creating elaborate escapes from monsters. Instead, all you need is bamboo and aloe to power that XP bank.

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This tool may take some time to build, but it will benefit players for a long time. In fact, it is self-sufficient thanks to a beholder beam that commands the bulb to harvest aloe and bamboo as they grow, which are then melted in a furnace and stored in a chest. The XP from these furnaces is stored there and there is no cap, meaning anything that goes through one furnace will stay there until something is removed from it. Prefab Minecraft Redstone Engine. Check out Avomance's tutorial on how to do this so you don't have any more XP problems.

15 wheat fields

Wheat is one of the most important crops in Minecraft , as it is used to feed passive mobs such as cows and sheep, which provide resources such as wool and hides. Skins are important for a fully functional magic table.

With that in mind, building an automated wheat farm is one of the best ways to start exploring Redstone. The design is pretty simple, so the basic idea of ​​a useful redstone tool hasn't changed much despite being updated over the years. We recommend this build by Danny Ashworth to help players get started.

14 farms with livestock

To ensure a good food source, it is usually best to have at least one nursery farm. Cows, chickens or sheep are usually the best choice if players want to accumulate a lot of wool. Otherwise, cows are obviously the most valuable source because of their hides.

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These compact mini-farms have become a Minecraft trend in recent years. These Redstone alternatives are easy to build, with the only downside being that they can prevent low-end computers from running games properly. Essentially, this farm pushes as many monsters into the grid as possible and automatically kills the rest. This Wattle design is really nice.

13 sugarcane plantations lost money

If we talk about other valuable crops, then sugar cane is a must. Since paper is used in a variety of ways to create enchanted cards, books, and possibly shelves for customizing enchantments, Candy Canes are extremely valuable and useful in the early game.

With the observation block, you can now build a simple sugarcane garden. Every time the plant passes a certain point, the head cuts through the plant and the water jet or cart transports it to the hopper and finally to the trash can. Players will need a large amount of cane, and with this Minecraft Redstone idea, there will be chests filled with farmable items. There are different models, but the Vidargavia works wonders.

12 Watermelon and Pumpkin gardens

Watermelon and pumpkin are optional. However, they are an excellent food source in some situations when there really isn't anything else available. Additionally, cantaloupe can be processed into Glazed Cantaloupe, which is used in some precious potions.

Again, there are many ways to build these redstone machines, but most watermelon and pumpkin farms use a fully automatic push-button time monitor that is activated by a button when all the crops have grown. One of the best and most basic designs comes from Fed X Gaming.

11 Fire Ranch

Fire is a must for those who want to complete Minecraft survival mode and defeat the Ender Dragon. To reach the end, the player must have enough Blaze Rods to create Eyes of the Ender and find a fortress with a portal. Blaze Rods also supplies Blaze powder which is used as fuel for the drink booths. For this reason, it is highly recommended to farm Blaze in Lower, even if it is difficult and dangerous.

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After entering Hell Castle and finding the respawn hole, a farm must be built around the respawn block. Mumbo Jumbo has a cool and compact design that will meet the needs of most gamers. However, if the task of crafting these exotic Redstones seems too difficult, then crafting a Generikb that isn't red at all is a good start for those who want to survive before moving on to crafting Redstones.

10 redstone piston doors

Who doesn't want a cool way to start their Minecraft base? There's nothing like upgrading a simple Minecraft door to a real piston door that opens automatically when the player steps on a pressure plate. One of the best Minecraft Redstone ideas, it's a simple but very useful luxury that's pretty easy to make.

Piston doors can be a little expensive due to the need for adhesive pistons that require a ball of clay. However, it's very easy to implement as far as Redstone goes, and can even be used to hide key entrances if you're playing on a PvP server where survivability is important. The BlendDigi has a beautiful single door design.

9 robotic water separators

From 1.13 until Ocean Monuments, Minecraft's underwater worlds were the main attraction. Whether players are interested in building underwater or draining monuments around a guardian farm, using redstone to circulate large amounts of water is especially useful when there are no sponges around.

These redstone dewatering boots are anything but simple, but when you invest in a large underwater project, they really pay off. They usually require expensive resources such as clay and clock blocks, but depending on the design very little is required. Expensive but useful Minecraft Redstone tool. This engine from RichyPlays is perfect for beginners.

8 Warehouse sorting system

It's easy to spend a lot of time in Minecraft sorting items into their respective boxes. Hours can be spent simply clearing out storage space to make items easier to find. This is why the autosave system is so useful, as it saves players a lot of time by simply dropping their items into one box.

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Thanks to the bunker, all items are sorted into their respective containers and the player does not need to worry. Although it may take some time at first, it will pay back tenfold with the time you put into this Minecraft Redstone idea. This storage system was provided by K1 Inc. One of the best designs and still relevant. The tutorials are not only a resource-based executable, they can also be easily expanded for more memory.

7 plantations of trees

One of the periodic actions in Minecraft is chopping firewood. No matter how far a player has progressed in the game, there will always be a need for wood to be harvested and replanted from seed. The process can get a little tedious at times, but luckily there's a solution for even that.

It is actually possible to build an automated tree farm that requires no attention. NimsTV answered a desperate request from Minecrafters and created a great theme that does just that. Although the redstone is a bit advanced, it is definitely worth doing this beautiful redstone.

6 Super casting

Another activity that many Minecraft players often do is smelting and cooking. The furnace always took a certain amount of time to prepare everything inside, and the player seemed to have no control over the process - well, until the arrival of the super smelter.

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This build tends to require a lot of iron, but if that's not an issue, it's a must have in any survival world. The Super Smelter is basically a very fast furnace that can produce items even faster, making it one of the most useful redstone smelters in Minecraft . One of the easiest resource-friendly tutorials and builds comes from Firerage.

5 Redstone machines are easy to get!

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