"Nothing Matters, Let's Party": Izzy Camina Is Soundtracking The End Times With Unstoppable Technopop

In which direction do you want to move now? Is there a style of dance music that inspires you?

Yes, that's right. I'm obsessed with Kumo 99 and other dark electronic music. I love French techno, that's the main reason I started producing - it's really cool! Especially if you're from New Jersey where artists like Skrillex work, the more the merrier. The bigger the car, the bigger the nails. When I heard French techno when I was in college, I said to myself, “Oh my God! That's what the doctor ordered."

Is this the direction you want to go? Heavier and darker music?

Without a doubt! I think "UP N DOWN" is a techno song, but I think the techno world can also be very big. Funnily enough, the best artists don't take it seriously at all. From what I understand, artists like Gesaffelstein are here in LA working with rappers and making pop music and stuff, so do whatever you want with no rules.

"Freak Baby" was recently released - you say this song speaks to your "dysfunctional maturity". Could you tell me a little bit?

Last spring, I moved into a temporary apartment in Bushwick and brainstormed with my friend Aaron, who I welcomed into my world. My first EP was produced entirely by myself, with credit to my friend Nick who is learning to use Ableton. But Aaron has been hard at work on these new songs. My philosophy is that most people in the industry and even the public won't think I'm producing, they'll think I'm a singer or songwriter, so there's nothing wrong with getting other people involved. tips I don't have to be precious. "Freak Baby" came out very quickly, maybe in a week our demo was almost ready. You know, it's not a very poetic tone, it's quite direct. The chorus says: "It doesn't matter how far we have to go to get home." It was more a reflection of adolescence, you find a lot of beauty and romance in pain, but when you get older and the stakes rise and you have to pay rent and bills, it's not funny anymore. I went from this dreamy moment to this desperate moment, I was so crazy and I needed to solve my problems. Here is a confession, it is very correct, and I want to enter among them.

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As a singer, don't you think people tend to dismiss you as making your own music?

100% No matter what I do, it will always happen. Last night I met some friends face to face who had heard my music. We just chatted and got to know each other and everyone was like, “Wow, are you a producer too? This is so cool." It is, and it always has been. I was sick.

What can we expect from "ANG3L NUMB3RS"?

I was listening to a lot of Machine Girl and everything bordering on hyperpop. I know Jimmy Urine got cancelled, but I also listened to a lot of Mindless Self Indulgence because I listened to it a lot when I was about 12 and also Kumo 99 and other aggressive electronic music. I think Atari Teenage Riot was a big inspiration for this project, it's trying to bridge the gap between cyberpunk and dream pop. I think this dichotomy reflects what we're all going through right now, balancing the extremes of everything... "it doesn't matter, let's have fun, no kids." Or something like, "Hope is the answer, angel number!" It's just a game of balance, but now everything is falling apart and I think everyone is going crazy. This is the end of time, this is the fifth or sixth great extinction. "ANG3L NUMB3RS" is my confirmation.

Beyond that, what's in it for you?

I still mix playlists and mixes in Ableton, so I wanted to be a strong live mixer and be a part of the live scene. We've been online for a while now, I think everyone wants a stronger sense of community, and that's probably because it's the end of time that community makes us feel safer. But yeah, I just mix and dj. With my aloof nature, I obsess over everything I do and want to do it well. I don't want to be cheap. I want to know my business and be good at what I do.

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Can you tell us about your Impact mix?

Driven by a deep love—and loathing—of New York's post-pandemic scene, I still feel there's a sonic and emotional void in the city that needs to be filled. I idealized the golden age of New York clubs in the 80s. All you have to do is look at the pictures of the people who were moving around at these parties to get an idea. If I threw a house party, that's what you'd hear: a set full of my personal tastes and biases. Like any other randomly raised toddler, this one has some randomness and inconsistency in, for example, choosing songs. However, given the collective reduction in attention span, I don't see anything wrong with it (as much as I love going into zombie mode and repeating the same shot pattern for hours).

This mix is ​​really… a mix. It features a heartwarming remix of two of Sextile's emotional and personal hits - Kumo99's "Adjacent Casualty" and Louisahh and Maelstrom's "I Am Not a Casualty." Key words: Victim. I'm not afraid to throw depth or poetry. Maybe here and there the tune is not electronic at all. Dancing and clubs are a real catharsis for me. I want to adjust the atmosphere for people who want the same holiday.

Izzy Kamina's latest single "Celestial Sodomy" was released today. Look here

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