Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Revisited: The Good And The Bad Six Months Later

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Revisited: The Good And The Bad Six Months Later
A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro displays Ball watch face.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

At the risk of spoiling the joke, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro remains the overall winner at launch. A premium wearable design, extended battery life, and a full suite of Google tools make the smartwatch one of the best on the market. At the end of 2022, we even named it the best wearable of the year.

However, as Samsung continues to capitalize on the success of Wear OS 3, some competitors are also making moves. Meanwhile, some of the changes we were hoping to see in the device via software updates didn't happen. How long will a six-month self-proclaimed professional take? Find out in our revised Android Authority Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review.


When the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was first released, we gave it 4.5/5 stars, showing it to be an improved version of the already successful previous generation. We were excited about the extra battery life, dedicated navigation features, and durability specs that seemed to be the driving force behind the Pro designation. Little has changed since then, and the emergence of new competitors has not affected our starting position. Six months later, we were happy to place another Editors' Choice badge on this car for much the same original reasons.


Though technically only water resistant not waterproof, a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rests in a small puddle.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a sight to behold. It may not have the official Galaxy Watch 4 Classic aesthetic (or the raised rotating bezel), but it has plenty of attractive details. First, it's sheer size. The edges of the Pro's 45mm titanium cases have a larger area with bevels that make the watch look wider. After waking up from sleep mode, the device has a crisp and colorful Super AMOLED display that lives up to its specs. The display is also protected by a thick layer of sapphire crystal to protect the watch from damage. And I mean safety.

With its bulky design and impressive durability, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro remains timeless even after six months.

After six months of use, I can happily say that my smartwatch shows no signs of wear and tear. And this despite the fact that he accompanied me on hikes, drove reefers and kayaks, went backpacking, and regularly attacked the walls of my house when I was cornered. (Actually, it's shocking how often this happens, but I don't fix it all the time.) The case, screen, and bracelet remain intact, earning the device a reputation for durability (and my gratitude). It officially has a MIL-STD-810H durability rating as well as 5ATM and IP68 ratings.

Perhaps most importantly, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is exceptionally comfortable. Despite its size and expensive materials, it remains light on the wrist and provides solid protection during training. The weight of some large watches can sometimes affect the device's ability to maintain a comfortable position, which is problematic for fitness trackers. This reduces the accuracy of the sensor and can cause skin irritation. I have no issues with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or the D-buckle band. In fact, this bracelet is surprisingly comfortable and durable for something that's clearly made for style. Resizing them is still a process, but it's a solution to not messing around with them once you find one that works for you.

While I didn't go by the band my device came with, I did test out the gradient Galaxy Watch faces. Do you know someone who spends more time watching movies than watching movies? This is my main link to the Galaxy Wearable app faces gallery. Samsung offers a lot of customization options and complexity, so it's not difficult to create a beautiful and useful face. You can also choose something simple or whimsical, like the sword face image above that was released after the software update.


A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rests on picnic table displays its app library.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

The star of Samsung watches is the joint Wear OS platform, which the company developed with Google. The enhanced Wear OS turns these Android-compatible devices into something akin to the Apple Watch, giving users fast boot times and extensive compatibility with third-party apps. The experience hasn't changed much from the Galaxy Watch 4 series to the newer models, meaning both generations offer a great user experience. All devices also use the same Exynos W920 chipset. However, I feel the watch has gotten better over time with software updates in terms of smooth navigation and responsiveness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch remains the most powerful version of Wear OS on the market.

In addition to built-in Google Assistant, smartphone mirroring, and the Google Play Store, the watch supports most of the basic smart features users would want to see in a wearable device. Notifications, support for wrist phone calls and support for digital payments work seamlessly. Convenient syncing with popular apps like Strava and MyFitnessPal makes it easy to add extra tools to your lineup and fill in custom tools that might not be there.

Samsung has also launched a connected device diagnostics tool in the Samsung Members app that allows users to check the performance and health of their devices. This feature runs benchmark tests on everything from the battery to the watch's sensors, checking for updates, accuracy, and errors. You can check all functions at once or check the status of a single component.

Some features require interaction with your device. For example, to test the touchscreen, you'll swipe the screen, and to test the speaker, you'll confirm that you hear sound. To test the microphone, I recommend asking a friend to make silly noises. All tests are simple, with clear instructions and easily digestible results. The whole process takes no more than ten minutes.

behind fitness

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro displays a users activity stats.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a solid fitness tracker, especially for those interested in calories, steps, and basic activity data. The watch also offers automatic workout detection, which not all Wear OS watches can claim, and the heart rate is reliable enough for the average user. In this second review of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, my data is fairly consistent with the Polar H10 chest.

During cycling and walking, the watch easily matched ups and downs and similar periods. Running with large arm movements reduced accuracy slightly, but not enough to cause panic. Six months ago, the sensor tended to register a slight lag when dialing for low-speed operation. During this testing, I saw several such deviations.

On the other hand, the heart rate sensor showed great inaccuracy when walking on light stones. This can be due to strain on the wrist and a relaxed position. While the Apple Watch Ultra managed to stay in sync with my polar band, the Galaxy Watch slipped a bit, though it again showed enough accuracy for most users.

While not everyone takes the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro off-road, the device can accompany users on their favorite trails. It includes specialized navigation tools for hikers and cyclists, including the ability to upload GPX track files. You'll have access to turn-by-turn navigation, off-ride notifications and overrides, making the watch a useful tool on your favorite or new trails.

If your hat gets blown off like mine and you have to pull off course to retrieve it, unfortunately your tracking data will include that turn. RIP blue baseball cap. Fortunately, the watch is also equipped with a compass. It's nice to break into new territory with a non-carrier company, even if it doesn't happen right away. For example, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will not replace the Garmin Fenix ​​7 yet, but it shows Samsung's interest in this direction.

Dedicated navigation features and accurate GPS tracking make it a versatile and reliable outdoor training device.

Getting GPS definitely needs attention. Say it once, say it a thousand times, I won't even be able to run. The device is inconsistent in this regard, sometimes taking ten seconds, sometimes a full minute. This may seem minor, but it's enough to skew the distance data. That's more than enough to round out three reasons why you shouldn't run. However, GPS tracking deserves its place on the "good" list because it's pretty reliable once it's up and running.

In our review of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, the device recorded nearly the same distances as the Apple Watch and the Garmin Venu 2 Plus. I stayed on track throughout the hike despite the tree cover and elevation changes. He continued to wind through the surrounding paths, crossing the street several times to avoid stray cats. Overall, this watch is easy to recommend for runners and cyclists.

battery life

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro charges on its magnetic charging puck.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

Many of us were really hoping that the Wear OS platform would improve the battery performance of Samsung's wearables, but that didn't happen. Even with power saving mode enabled, the Galaxy Watch 4 died after a day and a half. With this generation, Samsung has set its sights on music, packing a massive 590mAh battery into the device.

The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is much better than the previous generation. It's also better than the base model in this range. Even with the always-on display, sleep tracking, and a few hours of GPS-based workouts, it consistently outperformed me over two full days of use. It's always nice when you get ready for bed and have enough energy to go to bed instead of the charger.

This device comes with a convenient two-day battery life, and fast charging makes it easy to top it up when you need it.

When the Galaxy Watch 5 series first launched, we made our recommendation, urging readers to consider the recommended Google Pixel Watch when shopping. Now that we've had enough time with both devices, we can wholeheartedly recommend Samsung's flagship, and one of the main reasons is battery life. The device also charges faster than previous generations, going from zero to 100% in around 85 minutes. This way, when you finally press the empty button, the wait for the watch to return to your wrist will be shorter.

not as good as i would like

permanent restrictions

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro displays the ECG app.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

The biggest complaint I can make about the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the arbitrary limitations. Surprisingly, Samsung has decided to limit the use of built-in sensors for certain users. Blood pressure monitoring and ECG recording are only available when the watch is paired with a Samsung phone. This is because both tools require the Samsung Health Monitor app, which cannot be added to third-party smartphones. As the best smartwatch option for Android users, it's disappointing that the main widgets are limited to a certain group.

The Galaxy Watch line should be the best option for those without an iPhone, but Samsung continues to limit its flagship devices to Samsung phone users.

These plumbing fixtures aren't the only features of the Samsung tower. Do Not Disturb and Night Mode syncing is only available for Samsung phone users, along with Samsung SmartThings integration and customizable AR emoji watch faces. I confess that the latter does not bother me. Augmented reality emoticons get in the way. Users of phones from other manufacturers also cannot access the camera controls, and even some Samsung phones are not supported. In short, the watch can be found not only by users of Samsung phones who do not attend elementary school.

Samsung Wear OS competitor Google Pixel Watch doesn't have limited availability. Sure, the Pixel Watch has enough flaws to keep you busy, but if the second generation fixes some of the early flaws, Samsung could have a real contender. In this case, Samsung may stop providing special tools to private users to maintain its market share.

Unused temperature sensor

A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro displays a user's sleep tracking score.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

When products are released with key features not yet enabled, it's like bait. When Samsung took months to introduce Google Assistant in the latest series, it started to feel completely vague. This time, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was released with a built-in temperature sensor. Unfortunately, the new feature doesn't work for its actual use at an unannounced date.

A few months later, Samsung finally announced that its temperature sensor will be used for more than just sleep tracking. As it turns out, the company is partnering with Natural Cycles to bring advanced temperature sensors to the Galaxy Watch. Updated tracking for the period will be published in the second quarter of 2023. This is exciting news, but it would have been nice to see it about half a year ago.

Samsung's habit of launching features without enabling the title is sad.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Health app remains relatively simple. While the company has expanded its sleep tracking division with useful sleep training, much of its health and fitness data lacks in-depth analytics. Improving the program could go a long way in attracting more dedicated athletes to the roster. However, it's commendable that Samsung hasn't embraced this trend. In return, the company provides users with free access to tools and data. Well, at least for Samsung phone users.

Design (especially if you're short)

A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on a user's wrist displays a detail-loaded watch face.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

As mentioned above, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is only available in one 45mm case. It's not a giant device compared to some wearables from brands like Garmin, but when you upgrade from the previous generation, it gets massive. On the other hand, the basic version is available in 40mm and 44mm variants.

Although the Apple Ultra model also offers a much larger screen, the rectangular shape increases the size increase. Conversely, I don't know if Volume Pro will bring anything extra. The protrusions are a particular problem for small wrists because they create a lot of space. In my original review of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, this couldn't help but make a difference. Conversely, returning to a device after trying more suitable mobile devices makes the problem more obvious.

While I love the statement piece, the clasp design is not suitable for small wrists.

The device is also only available in Black and Phantom Grey. Unless you're Batman, there's a good chance you're interested in using more rainbows. Instead, you have to rely on a worn watch face or band to power the accessory.

Finally, complaints about the lack of frame rotation have not gone away. Instead, rumors of the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 have been filled with calls to bring back the feature. The touchpad is certainly less pleasant and can feel difficult compared to the previous design's touch functionality. On the other hand, clogging a touchscreen is much more difficult than clogging a moving part.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review overview. verdict

A Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rests on a table displaying the Flower Garden watch face.

Caitlin Cimino / Android Authority

After two reviews of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, we still say the device offers the best smartwatch experience you'll find as an Android user. If you're lucky enough to work in Galaxy's increasingly walled garden, the device will impress Samsung phone owners even more. Its design, battery life, and expanded feature set offer more than any other option on the Wear OS platform. The array of sensors is extensive and reliable for tracking important health and fitness statistics. Of course, we want more users to have access to the most powerful tools. We'll also size it up for a smaller wrist. However, it would be difficult to call the watch less successful.

Should you buy the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

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Most importantly, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro proves that Samsung doesn't stop there. The Galaxy Watch 4 series got off to a great start. After that, Samsung had exclusive access to the new Wear OS platform for quite some time. Now, many ambitious Wear OS devices have joined the Samsung company, but for now, Samsung remains on top. The Pixel Watch ($349 on Amazon) looks like a first-generation device, and the Fossil line lacks several popular features. The only real smartwatch competitors Samsung faces are the Apple Watch, specifically the Apple Watch Ultra ($799 at Amazon), but they appeal to different users. In short, Samsung Watch 5 Pro is a great purchase for those who are not part of the Apple ecosystem.

Watch Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro Watch Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro

Watch Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro

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