Take A Look At Huawei's Pop And Swap Smartwatch

Take A Look At Huawei's Pop And Swap Smartwatch
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Replacing a smartwatch strap is nothing new, unlike replacing the entire case and strap. The new Huawei GT Cyber ​​allows you to do just that. This smartwatch is a pebble-like device that can be slipped in and out of a variety of case and strap combinations to suit your look and style.

There are three classes of bag and belt (it's a combined knot) and a total of six classes. They belong to the elegant, sporty and urban category, although they are all made of silicone. Theoretically, if desired, the range can be easily extended by providing fabric or metal strips. You can also change the color of the digital crown to another color if you want.

The watch cases have an industrial look, just like the old G-Shock models. However, a real device can work in any design. To remove the mechanism (watch) from the case, simply press the screen and it will pop out. Then place it in the new box from the bottom.

Huawei says the watch will recognize the case and match the watch, although you can also customize the display to your liking. As with the Huawei GT3, you can take a photo of your outfit and the app will match the colors on your watch's display.

Huawei GT Cyber ​​​​comes with two bands, the rest can be purchased separately. In China, the watch retails for 1,488 yuan (around £180/$215). However, there are no plans yet to release this model in the UK, Europe or the US.

I would love to see a future version of this watch in the UK, especially if they can offer a watch for all occasions. Huawei is really pushing the boundaries of what smartwatches can do with these models and the new Huawei Watch Buds, which is great for the market and for consumers.

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