Android Users Less Likely To Text While Driving Than IPhone Users

Android Users Less Likely To Text While Driving Than IPhone Users
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Research recently revealed an interesting behavioral difference between Android and iPhone users. A study by Car Insurance Comparison Service last year found that Android users are much more careful drivers than iPhone owners. Next-generation auto retailer American Trucks compares the two teams' driving habits to add interest to this age-old rivalry.

American Truckers surveyed 500 Android users and 500 iPhone users to find out how their driving habits and knowledge of traffic rules and road signs differed. 56% of Americans surveyed were men and 44% were women with an average age of 38. The survey found that iPhone users are more likely to text while driving (57% vs. 55%). However, they are less likely to speed, run with a stop sign, or drive without a seat belt. Android users are more guilty of blasting music in the car than iPhone users. But the choice of music is not much different. Rock, hip-hop, pop, and rap are the four groups' favorite music genres.

Although it is faster, Android users are less likely to crash. In general, they are involved in more accidents than iPhone users, but the latter group is mainly responsible (20% more than Android users). People who use iPhones also get more reckless driving tickets. Likewise, they often include road rage. However, they understand road signs better. Of all the signs studied, Android users were most effective at identifying the "don't turn left" sign and the correct position of their hands on the steering wheel. Apple customers can better recognize all road signs and get more knowledge of traffic laws.

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American Trucks asked respondents what truck brands they drive, and Android users mostly drive Toyotas (30%), while iPhone users are split between Ford and Toyota (29% and 28%, respectively). Hyundai, Honda, and Chevrolet are other popular truck brands among Americans. Overall, the survey found that iPhone users were seven percent more likely to drive a truck than Android users.

The survey concluded that "Apple users tend to drive less cautiously and are less familiar with traffic rules and the meaning of road signs." But recently they caused more traffic accidents and even got many tickets. Of course, in the end, it all depends on one's driving skills and knowledge. The brand of the phone they use is not a measure of their driving ability. However, you can see the full results of this survey from American Trucking here.

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Android users are less likely to text while driving than iPhone users on an Android headset.

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