Apple Music Has A New Spinoff And Its Coming To Android

Apple Music Has A New Spinoff And Its Coming To Android
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Google usually makes all its apps available for iOS, and sometimes it goes a step further with iPhone-only features that aren't available on Android. Conversely, Apple likes to lock its software into its walled garden and make the grass look greener to outsiders; In fact, Apple has only six Android apps, one of which is Move to iOS, and the rest are directly related to Apple products or services. But the seventh member of Apple's Android family is coming soon.

The company today announced a new standalone Apple Music Classical app (via BusinessWire) that features the world's largest collection of classical music. Existing Apple Music subscribers get access to Apple Music Classical at no extra cost, and Apple says all tracks are streamed in up to 24-bit/192kHz lossless audio, with thousands of carefully curated songs available with head-to-surface tracking.

To get you started, Apple Music classical publishers have already prepared more than 700 playlists, and new playlists are released weekly, including works and composers. Add to that all new visuals, an indexed search feature and a browsing section where you can search by categories such as composer, era, genre, director and more.

The app is already available for iPhone and iPad on the iOS App Store, and Apple has announced that it will soon release a version of Apple Music Classical on the Google Play Store for Android devices. There's no Android release schedule, but the main Apple Music app launched for iOS in June 2015 and then came to Android in November of that year, so there could be a six-month delay between releases.

This new app should give Apple more ammunition in its fight to be the best music streaming app, in a category where Apple Music is already competing well against Google's YouTube Music. Meanwhile, Spotify continues to push features like an easy way to save songs and a TikTok-like music search tool.

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