'Better Than My Dyson': Samsung Bespoke Vacuums And Air Purifiers Are Up To 60%

'Better Than My Dyson': Samsung Bespoke Vacuums And Air Purifiers Are Up To 60%

It's officially spring, and while that means longer days and blooming flowers, it also means something else... spring cleaning. Yes, of course he has to do the work we all dread, but it doesn't have to be a pitiful endeavor. After all, the right tools make any job easier – and luckily for us, Amazon just launched an amazing sale on Samsung home and air care devices, including cordless vacuums and air purifiers, with savings of up to 60%. So head on over to Amazon and save time and money with these effective essentials!

Vacuuming is necessary whether you have carpets in your home or not, but tangled cords often make the process a real chore. That's all for now! The custom-made Samsung Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a cordless, lightweight and maneuverable design and a multi-stage HEPA filtration system that ensures cleaner air in your home. Best of all, it comes at a great value , $539 less than the original price.

The built-in Bespoke Jet cleaning station allows you to clean the canister at the touch of a button while charging the vacuum and promises to filter more than 99.99% of fine dust from the air in your home. In addition, thanks to two replaceable batteries, the jet works for up to 120 minutes without recharging.

Many buyers have given the Jet a five-star rating on Amazon, and for good reason. “I was looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean my vinyl floor in the basement, primarily for cleaning cat litter. It will get along with everything: cat litter, sticky dirt, cat food, cat hair, kitchen scraps, etc.” The color is absolutely stunning too! Comes with a bunch of tools you can use,” noted one satisfied customer.

"Better than my Dyson," said another reviewer. The powerful nozzle easily picks up weeds from carpets, rugs and hardwood floors without moving all over the place like the Dyson. I also like the self-clean button (worth the extra dollars). While I can clean 2,000 square feet with one battery, it's nice to have a second battery if needed. . This machine is about 10% heavier than my Dyson, but 30% easier to clean (good compromise).”

You can purchase this home cleaner in black, white, or navy at a variety of (very low) prices.

Obviously, clean air is important, especially when you're getting into the details of spring cleaning. You can end up kicking up a lot of dust, dirt, and fluff, and you definitely don't want those nasty little particles hanging in the air. So what should we do? Of course, get an air purifier and not only does it sell from Samsung for almost $250, but it's a very smart way to control the air in your home.

The specially designed cube is equipped with a powerful 5-sided suction that draws in cold air and rotates it in different directions for fast and thorough cleaning. Fur owners are also protected: Pet Mode reduces the amount of pet dander and odors in the air in your home, so you and your pet can breathe cleaner air.

The Cube is elegantly designed to match your interior and lifestyle, with interchangeable face panels that let you change the color and pattern for a different look. It is also available in the trendy color Forest Green. A tiny air sensor detects pollution and automatically optimizes cleaning intensity, while the screen displays the level of air pollution in real time, including the presence of ultra-disperse particles and the presence of various gaseous pollutants. You can easily check and manage your filter settings and filters with the SmartThings app, and even buy replacement filters if needed!

Reviewers love the Cube: “This is by far the best air purifier I've ever used, and I've tried quite a few since we have quite a few small dogs in the house. It's worth every penny," said one reviewer, who also added, "The app saves you from having to remember when to change your filters because it tells you and you can order them there too. I think it's so nice to have that in our house."

Another reviewer noted how high-tech the air purifier was, writing, “No joke, this is the coolest air purifier I've ever used. I've been using it for about a week now and I still get really excited when I use it. I have used other air purifiers in the past, you will be amazed at how good this one is (no pun intended)… Love that it is controllable from an app. I sleep and wake up at a set time of day, so I don't have to worry about the air purifier, it does a great job."

Now seems like the perfect time to stock up on these home cleaning essentials, but make no mistake: This sale won't last forever.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. Not registered yet? No problem. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here. (By the way, people who aren't Prime members still get free shipping on orders over $25.)

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