Bob Moses On Techno Music's Popularity: People Like To Party!

Bob Moses On Techno Music's Popularity: People Like To Party!

Grammy Award winning electronic music duo, Bob Muse perform for the first time at the Vh1 Supersonic Music Festival taking place in India. As the saying goes, "people love to have fun", artists ponder why techno never goes out of style.

Bob Moses is a Canadian electronic duo. Based in New York, the band consists of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance. RAC's remix of their song "Tearing Me Up" won a Grammy Award for Best Non-Classical Remix Recording.

On Friday evenings, thousands of people gather here to dig the ground. Music whether wave, techno or electronic music remains popular with everyone.

In an interview with INS, Jamie explained why the genre has become popular: “I think it's this hidden culture that people need to know about, and then there's love around it, it's not the main thing, but that's club culture. It's great that you can stay up all night and have fun with your friends.

Together, Tom and Jimmy continued, "People like to have fun."

They are also familiar with Bollywood.

"Old stuff (70s and 80s) sounds amazing, it sounds distorted these days, but the record sounds great. I don't know much about modern Bollywood music, but it's like high tech, but it's an old classic. We have a friend in New York who has a large collection of Bollywood films, and he came and played for us.

In fact, "inspired" by one of his songs.

"We were inspired by something we heard and used in one of our songs."

Talking about their performance in India, Tom said: “It was amazing, great energy, very enthusiastic crowd and very welcoming. They were so ready for it, we fed the energy of the crowd, it was delicious," he said.

He added: "It is our first time to play in India and we will play two more. Tomorrow we will go to Delhi and the next day to Goa. Then we will come home and hopefully by the end of this year."

Jamie added, "We need more time in India!"

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