CB Insights 11 Tech Trends Are On Target

CB Insights 11 Tech Trends Are On Target

Sometimes spotting trends in technology is mind-boggling. Not because they are completely accurate - no one can predict the future - but because they see the future from different perspectives. They also describe trends observed by cleantech organizations. They often describe trends in a way that non-technical experts can understand and technical experts can appreciate.

CB Insights can accomplish this challenging task by combining technologies and applications. Remember, CB Insights sees the world through the eyes of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, complementing the perspectives of Gartner, Forrester and IDC. So they see the following 11 trends.

1. “Immortality as a service. Humans have fantasized about extreme longevity for millennia, but the ancient quest is gaining renewed interest from venture capitalists and tech companies.

2. "Secret invasion of super programs. The stage is set for a major clash of super-software platforms as they battle to control consumers' online lives."

3. “Rapid reinvention of FinTech FinTech startups have faced tougher market conditions in the past, but many are already overcoming this by expanding into new territories and meeting business needs.

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