Forsen Beats XQc's Minecraft Speedrun Record

Forsen Beats XQc's Minecraft Speedrun Record
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After months of hard work and dedication, Twitch streamer Forsen has managed to reclaim the Minecraft speedrun title from streamer xQc, breaking xQc's previous record by a wide margin. Minecraft is an open game that offers endless opportunities to explore, build and create. However, it has become a popular option in speedrunning, where players aim to finish the game as quickly as possible, making the title even more valuable.

Getting a Minecraft speed bump into an Ender Dragon from scratch is a challenging task that requires great skill and rigorous training to execute quickly and efficiently. Many techniques have been developed by Minecraft players to simplify the process and make traveling easier. Streamers like xQc and Forsen have become popular in the Minecraft speedrunning community , competing to see who can finish the game the fastest.

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xQc set a new record earlier this year, finishing the game in just 20 minutes, but Forsen isn't the only one holding the record. After months of training and preparation, Forsen was finally able to break the Minecraft xQc speedrun record. In the video posted to Twitch, Forsen can be seen finishing the game in just 18 minutes, cutting xQc's time by a full two minutes. Forsen's record-breaking clip quickly went viral, with fans of the player celebrating his win.

The rivalry between xQc and Forsen continued to escalate as Forsen took to Twitter to taunt the streamer, claiming he was "broken forever" and suggesting he should find a new job because the special at 8:05 p.m. "would be embarrassing. The platform's "See you in a week". rusty with lava and one-liners," xQc responded to Forsen's taunts on Twitter. The humorous reaction showed that xQc was unimpressed by its rival's performance and took up the challenge to break Minecraft's new speed record.

While it remains to be seen whether xQc Forsen's new Minecraft speed record will be broken, fans of the popular gamer may remember that an unexpected visitor - a fish - thwarted his previous successful attempt. Clips of xQc trying to dig into a desert pyramid to collect loot. As he pours water under himself to aid in the excavation, a fish accidentally appears, causing an explosion that destroys the area and hits xQc. The incident occurred in just under four minutes at Minecraft's pace, giving him plenty of time to get over the barrier and move on with the game. With that in mind, fans can expect xQc to come back and eliminate Forsen again.

Minecraft is now available on PC, PS4, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile.

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Forsen finally breaks the Minecraft xQc record - 18:10 (Highlight)

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