Holi 2023: 12 Biggest Holi Parties To Attend If You Are In Goa

Holi 2023: 12 Biggest Holi Parties To Attend If You Are In Goa

India's holiday capital ends the tourist season with Holi celebrations that last an average of over 12 hours. All you can do is let the fun take you into a lively and contagious state.

Colorful Party 2023

What: This six-hour pool party features celebrity DJs, rain dances, organic colors, Goan jungle juices, food and drinks.

When: March 7, 10.00.

Where: Yash Shooting Centre, Mandrem

Tickets: Starting from INR 499.


First annual house party in Goa to celebrate this festival. Enjoy 12 hours of commercials, EDM and Bollywood music. DJ Merlin (Mumbai), DJ Jay aka Brainwash, Naveen, AK-47, Pawan and 6 Beats will be taking over the console. You will join support groups like Anik, Flohtech, Omax and others. Beaches and festival areas are selected only for the spectacular view.

When: March 7, 10.00.

Where: Rusu Beach Lounge, Anjuna

Tickets: Rs 500 and above.

holy moly

What: Deep in the Czech countryside, Puppet Masters, an underground experimental psych trance festival descends on the shores of Goa to celebrate the annual Holi. Get ready for a loud and dark night concert that lasts until morning. The line includes Daash, Spiral, Diensis (Greece), Umber Vamber (Russia), Aztec Dosage (Italy), Weirdos (Italy) and Hemogoblin.

When: March 7, 20:00.

Where: Origin, Vagator

Tickets: Rs 1350 and above.

Titus Holi 2023

What: A trip to Goa can't be complete without a stop at Tito's famous place, so why should Holi be any different? Get ready to party all day: Titore Holi 2023 expects a massive line-up, unlimited drinks, bubble showers, water guns and drums. DJ Salvino Miranda, Rohit, Anuj, Sam, Wasin, Ayaz and Zumba dance group Bailamos.

When: March 7, 10.00.

Where: Titus

Tickets: 2000 Birr and above (free entry for ladies).

Festive atmosphere

What: ESG - Inox Courtyard features a massive DJ line-up and live performances, jungle juice, rain dance, a dedicated kids' corner and delicious food and signature cocktails in the heart of Panaji city.

When: March 7, 10.00.

Where: Inox Yard, Panaji

Tickets: Rs 500 and above.

Festival of colors

Holi party day to night with powerful music by German DJs Jonas Saalbach, Asad Namazi, Iman, Catherine Kitics (Russia), Mohinesh, Sudeep and Wisan.

Colors will be Organic, Misty Rain and Floral Holly. Flower crowns for the first 100 girls.

When: March 8, 11:00.

Where: Marbella Beach Resort, Morjim

Tickets: From INR 1250 and above.

Holly Boogie Whirlpool

What: Rockwaves, the tech hot spot, is hosting an epic night of Holi parties on the sun-soaked beaches of Goa. Expect the most haunting atmosphere of underground techno for 14 hours from dusk till dawn. Members include Bregger, Aka Nina, Extra Mind, Menu Ferentini, Monkey Place, Nilio, Nick Thompson, Rudy Roots and Techno Widow.

When: March 8, 15:00.

Where: Whiri Goa, Morjim

Tickets: 800 rubles and above.

Holly Therapy Vol. 2

What: Holly Therapy brings you to satisfy your sound and color thirst for colorful bliss, with some of Banana Forest's best techno and sci-fi performances. Listen to latest episodes live for 18 hours. The techno line-up includes Suspect One (Switzerland), popular Indian DJ Tarun Shahani, Brianoid, Mike Stefanoni (Italy), Mansan and Modulari (Russia). Psytrans Petran (Greece), Flipknot, Zafar (Palestine), Dash, Pyrokin, Space Wizard and Hidden Magic from Iran.

When: March 8, 11:00.

Where: Banana Forest, Vagator

Tickets: 1499 INR

Holy Moo

What: India's craziest festival is heading to Goa for the second time. With reggae roots, the street is the place to be for its annual 14-hour party as music culture meets these Caribbean bars and clubs. There will be two stages: the Rasta Stage (playing Reggaeton, Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Afro House) and the Underdogs Stage playing Techno and House. The console features international artists Pranstar, Shaun T, Senor, Sid Morrison, Jared Dance, Gurbax, Achera, Amaya, Basicboy, Chahab and DJ Flexi K - Friends.

When: March 8, 12:00

Where: Road, Vagator

Tickets: Rs 500 and above.

Bollywood Beach Party

What: White Goa Beach has thrilling music. DJ Rhea makes you dance while playing with colors.

When: March 8, 12:30 pm

Where: Goa e Bardhe, Morjim

Tickets: Starting from INR 1499

Rekka Holi

What: Wazir Pathar, Ikka and Flipside arrive in Goa for a 12-hour party. Enjoy a variety of food and drinks with great music.

When: March 8, 10.00.

Where: Reka by the Beachfront, Small Vagator, Anjun

Tickets: From Rs.849

Give me color

What: Time to shine! Celebrate Holi in style this year. Relax with great entertainment and unlimited brunch with tandai, fresh chipa gane ka ras, bati ka murgh tikka, fochoka and other festive dishes. Live dance performances and a live DJ on keyboards will keep you entertained while dancing in the rain.

When: March 8, 10.00.

Where: Alphonso Marina Resorts and Spa, Morjim

Tickets: 1500 Birr

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