KZN Techno Hub Edges Closer To Completion

KZN Techno Hub Edges Closer To Completion
KZN Techno Hub is expected to boost investor confidence.

KZN Techno Hub is expected to boost investor confidence.

The KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Provincial Government is positioning the Port Shepstone Techno Hub as a technical engine for job and skill creation that will benefit other areas of the KZN South Coast.

A statement from the provincial government says the 20-hectare facility, which is nearing the end of its first phase of construction, is expected to attract a young digital workforce in addition to investment potential.

It is on track to make KZN a technology hub, with the aim of replacing the Western Cape as South Africa's 'technology hub'.

The Port Shepstone Technology Centre, run by the provincial government in partnership with the local municipality of Ray Nkonyeni, is the first of four hubs in the region aimed at boosting the regional economy by providing co-working space for investors and entrepreneurs supply.

The four centers that were first announced in 2014 are part of the provincial government's efforts to position South Africa as an early adopter of the technology, according to the provincial government.

Feliza Mangku, CEO of South Coast Tourism and Investment Enterprise, the official KZN South Coast tourism body, said the Port Shepstone Techno Hub is an investment in the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“We are proud to have been selected as one of the prime locations for the development of KZN's South Coast Techno Hub, a development investment that will undoubtedly benefit young people.

"This will bring huge investment potential to the KZN South Coast and attract a young digital workforce eager to research, practice and test innovative ideas that can benefit the region and the country. As the commercial and administrative center of the KZN South Coast, there are now even more reasons for individuals and organizations to come here to consider settling.”

According to Mangku, the four centers will be part of the East Coast Development Initiative, which aims to unlock the region's economic potential within the Eastern Cape and KZN.

The technocentre fenced area consists of five land use zones, including light industrial/commercial, technocentre/hotel/convention centre, commercial and mixed-use residential.

The first phase of the project was the completion of the fence and the administration building, including three training rooms and a meeting room.

According to Mangku, the site has attracted a lot of investor interest as the plots have attracted the attention of investors such as the Radisson Hotel Group which has relocated to the centre.

In addition to investment potential, the Port Shepstone Techno Hub will provide valuable information that will be used to benefit other sectors including manufacturing, renewable energy, logistics and agribusiness.

"It's not just about creating jobs, it's about creating a productive space for entrepreneurial minds to come together and collaborate on innovative ideas and projects," Mangku added.

“The Port Shepstone Technology Hub really has the potential to drive the region's socio-economic development, competitiveness and growth in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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