Minecraft 1.20 Update: Features, Theme, And Everything We Know

Minecraft 1.20 Update: Features, Theme, And Everything We Know
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Here are all the Minecraft 1.20 features related to building, crafting and decorating:

  • A group of bamboo buildings. Minecraft is full of different types of wood, each used for different building blocks. Bamboo in Minecraft 1.20 falls into this category of several useful building blocks.
    • Bamboo can now be used to make a whole list of wooden beams, including planks, doors, hatches, signs, steps, slabs, railings, gates, posts and pressure plates.
    • Bambu also has an exclusive building block known as a bamboo mosaic, which is made from two bamboo slabs and has a choice of steps and tiles.
    • Rafts and outriggers can replace bamboo boats, which are functionally identical to boats but have a unique appearance.
  • A group of cherry trees. Another new tree type coming to Minecraft 1.20 is the Cherry Tree, a pink clump that can only be found in the Cherry Grove biome (more on that below).
    • Cherry wood can be used to make many types of timber beams, including boards, doors, hatches, signs, stairs, slabs, railings, gates, posts and pressure plates.
  • Bookshelf to order. A simple ornament that has graced Minecraft for years becomes a practical companion in the form of a bookshelf that appeals to storytellers and redstone fans alike.
    • The flip-up bookshelf is fully functional and can hold up to six books of any type, including books, books and rifles, writing books, and magic books.
    • Players interact with the bookshelf by adding or removing books in-game, rather than through a dedicated inventory menu.
    • The inverted bookcase is made of six and three boards.
    • The bookshelf supports Redstone interactions, including hidden doors.
    • Redstone comparators can detect the last book added or removed from the engraving shelf and send a signal to the Redstone.
  • A pendant sign. The classic icon also gets a more stylish companion in the form of a pendant icon, designed for players who value world building and storytelling.
    • Hanging signs are functionally the same as regular signs, but have a unique look and feel.
    • Hanging boards are made from two strands and six sticks of different types of wood, resulting in six different color options.
    • Depending on where the player is in the world, there are three types of hang marks.
    • The signs that hang below the entire unit will hang from two strings.
    • Signs hanging from a narrow beam, such as a fence post, will hang from a single chain that splits into a V-shaped chain.
    • The signs, which hang from the sides of the whole beam, hang from two ropes below the horizontal log.
  • Crowd leader and records block interaction. Decorative mob heads have become even more useful with Minecraft 1.20, such as the oft-forgotten notebook.
    • Pig Head joins the list of mob bosses available in Minecraft, which can be obtained by killing the collectible Reptile pig.
    • Piglin heads will flap their ears when the player walks or uses a Redstone user.
    • When the player places a mob's head on the notepad, the notepad will play a random ambient sound for that mob.
    • Players will be able to use tone blocks to create a cacophony of crowd noise from any variant of the crowd head.
  • Armor Finishing A major new feature coming to Minecraft players in future versions is the ability to customize armor with different finishes.
    • The armor trim comes in 11 different designs and 10 different colors.
    • Armor skins are applied to each piece of armor individually, allowing you to mix and match to your liking.
    • You will need to find new components needed to improve your blacksmithing patterns, blacksmithing, armor layering.
    • Unique pieces of armor can be found in certain locations, such as armor inspired by the decorative pigs found in Void Bastion.
    • You can change the color of your armor by combining blacksmith patterns with gems and ingots like diamond, copper, and netherite.

Armored finish drawing:

20 must-have updates for Minecraft 1.20

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