Musician Using His Cat's Meows For A Song Is A New Chart Topper

Musician Using His Cat's Meows For A Song Is A New Chart Topper

This is our new favorite song.

It's hard to keep up with the latest hits, because it seems like there's a new artist, band, or song every single day. We don't complain because we love music. It's hard to follow directions. But we have a feeling it's going to take some time to tune in to this new artist.

Tiktokikarvski user has blessed our timeline with this new emerging artist known as Techno Kat. This cut already got 2.3 million views within two days of its release. To say we care is the compliment of the year.

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Oh my God, it's the best song we've heard in a long time. In fact, it might be the best song ever. Very unique yet simple. We can't love him anymore. Boniedchavez confirms. "shook his head." Stop it! Dance steps and sounds. We make a star.

@chowvuu wrote: "No, I want more." We all want more. This little preview won't cut it. We want the whole song and we want it yesterday. Mellendimo added: “It should be on Spotify. That's right: everyone wants to stream it right away. We think they hesitate because the internet can break it. Very funny.”

Tiktok is listening to suggestions to work with this new cat artist. It would be an absolute dream. “I wonder if my cat can make a movie,” @punklzard wrote. Fortunately for all cat owners, the creator replied, "Of course, the more the more fun." This is what we would like to hear.

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