Mystery To One: WTCHCRFT's Vocaldriven Techno Will Put You Under A Spell

Mystery To One: WTCHCRFT's Vocaldriven Techno Will Put You Under A Spell

Do you ever worry that the techno scene won't accept you because you're making more trap and wave music?

I don't worry about it. I just thought that I would do what I want and I think it will be good. So I have to do it.

You are so confident! What is your code

i pound

Do you believe in astronomy?

I can't believe it, but I think it's a lot of fun. I think it's a fun way to express yourself and that's what I love. So when people say, "Oh, that's stupid," I just say, "Don't you like to have fun?" Don't you like to have fun? So what do I think? For example, if you ask me if I believe in ghosts, I will answer the same.

So you don't think your apartment is haunted?

No, I really don't know.

Do you enjoy investigating serial killers?

I love true crime. through thick and thin. . I am very interested. Many people think that the pathology of serial killers is an interesting thing, but to me it is not as interesting as the stories and backstories of the victims. I think the story is worth telling. I don't think it's interesting why a serial killer decided [what he did]. Who cares? I love watching YouTube true crime documentaries and reruns, such as videos of makeup detectives.

You really look like a suburban mom.

Yes, my mom loves Discovery Investigations , and I understand that they are a little frivolous, but also very entertaining. Many people say: “This is so stupid, we should not care what happens now,” but the real crime began in the 1930s, it was even used as garbage, until they began to publish magazines with photographs of scary things, without any censorship. I think many of these magazines no longer exist. But they were there.

So his name is WTCHCRFT and we talked a lot about serial killers and the paranormal. Have you always been drawn to creepy shit?

si siempre Scandalous things have always attracted me. It really started as a fear and I don't know when it turned into something. But I literally came up with WTCHCRFT because at the time, EDM rap was very popular in high school. And many of these artists have names without vowels. I thought, "What would be a good word without vowels, but do you know what they are?" It took two seconds. The first thing that comes to mind is magic. I wrote it down and said, "Yes, of course." He just hung up. [My next epic film] is called The Witch Elm and is about an unsolved murder case in the 1940s at Hagley Wood in the UK where these people were in the woods. They were looking for a bird's nest or something like what they did in the forties. I don't know what they did. But they went to an elm tree and found a complete human skeleton. It was big news, and to this day they do not know who this girl is. But after they removed it and investigated, they found graffiti in the city that read "Who planted the elm lobela - Hagley Wood." So I said it, and the first song was called "Who put Bella in the witch's elm?"

Especially with this mini-album, I feel like a lot of your stuff is stream of consciousness mixed with what you're interested in. Yes, all your music is really personal?

Yes, it's always been personal. I keep coming back to some of my old songs that are not dance music. I especially have the song "Thak". When I was dating my ex and he moved back to Sweden, I wrote this song. This is a good song, I love it. I want more recognition. But I liked it and I still listen to it. And I don't do it often.

How can you take criticism of your music when it is so close to you?

Well, as you know, everyone has their own taste. But it's funny because I'm a lucky guy. Class A definitely entertains people. This has been the problem of my whole life. But for some reason, I don't feel that way about music. I really don't want to be liked by anyone but myself.

What do you want people to get from this EP?

Rejoice! I would like to hear it live

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Why do you usually eat? Seems alive?

This is for my game. It's more like what I want to hear in the club, but I don't hear it in the club. And I'm like, "Damn, I have to do this." If no one else does it, then I will. If I can't find someone who collects something I like, I might as well. That's how I got into techno. After all, I'm just testing.

Do you consider yourself an experimental product?

No, I don't know what that means. I don't know how experimental this is, but I'm experimenting.

Tell us about your combination of influences.

I got up at 10 am to do this mix. It's heavy, fast and melodic, but most importantly, counter-clockwise; Filled with various tracks I've been playing lately and a couple of unreleased tracks!

Wych Elm featured in the March 10 Noise report .

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