New Music Latin: Listen To Releases From Manuel Turizo, Elena Rose & More

New Music Latin: Listen To Releases From Manuel Turizo, Elena Rose & More

New Music Latin is a collection of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by the editors of Billboard Latin and Billboard Español. Check out this week's picks below.

Manuel Turijo, 2000 (La Industria Inc./Sony Music Latin)

Named after the year he was born, 2000, Manuel Turizzo is more experimental than ever - and the early songs prove it. The Colombian artist stays true to his reggaeton-pop foundation, mixing techno beats (as in "Triste") with up-tempo merengue ("El Merengue" with the help of marshmallows) to reggae-funky and dancehall-fusion (" Jamaica") and trap ("U spit"). 2000 is a summer production of 15 tracks, including "Ecstasy," The previous was released with Maria Becerra and reached #1 on the Billboard Tropical Airplay chart for Latin Airplay "La Bachata" and most recently the Argentine Hot 100.

With soaring rhythms and loving lyrics, the Colombian artist also gets super personal on the beautiful 'Vasio', a track that made him chase his dreams at such a young age (Turizo was 15 when he released his first hit 'Una Lady" Como Tu "). A very intimate set. What makes it even stronger is the cover photo of Turijo as a child. -Jessica Roiz

Elena Rose, "El Hombre" (Warner Music Latina)

The catchy pop track is Elena Rose's first single of the year and also serves as a preview of her upcoming debut album. As always, the songwriter's ethereal and adaptable voice serves as a canvas and is the centerpiece of the upcoming musical. Sweet yet touching, "El Hombre" portrays a cultured man who isn't afraid to be vulnerable and embraces his softer side. “He's different than the others,” he sings, introducing this unicorn man. "It's not the person who opens doors for you, but the one who refuses to close them. A man is not the one who loves you, but the one who teaches you to love." - Griselda Flores

Lupita Infante, "Besarte Así" (Sony Music Latin)

As her lyrics become clearer, it is pleasant to hear Lupita Infante's "Besarte Asi" (To Kiss You Like This), the third single from her upcoming album "Amor Como en las Peliculas de Antes" (Love Like the Antes ). . .. old movies) . With its retro sound and lyrics so sweet and innocent, the mariachi ballad (written by Infante with Pedro Dabdub) imagines what it would be like to have the perfect kiss with the perfect person: “As I approach, I slowly feel my voice trembling / I want to kiss you when I say your name,” she sings in Spanish. The song is about “your imagination takes you to places you’ve never been,” Infante says in the production notes, adding that the track “allows you to imagine a kiss that it takes everything from you". embrace those feelings. of love." - Arias by Möwe Ratner

Isabella Lovestory, "Latina " (Isabella Love Story)

Eccentric city delivery girl Isabella Lovestory isn't shy about sharing booze, men, and lipstick with her Latinas—it's sisterhood, after all. Propelled by sensitive, rousing reggaeton beats and thundering grunts, the Honduran-born artist delivers a powerful mission statement full of pride and conviction: 'Latina'. Her 2023 debut track already sounds like a feminist art-pop anthem, empowering Mujeres Online ("I feel beautiful when I hear this queen" or "I didn't ask to be Latina, I'm lucky." some commented netizens). .

"Sassy and playful, ['Latina'] is a song that celebrates being Latina without being clichéd and without being 'commercial dovish,'" she said in a press release. "It's a commentary on Latina symbolization that affirms the uniqueness and intensity of every Latina's experience." Produced by Chicken, Kamixlo and Nick Leone, Neopereo coincides with the announcement of his upcoming tour Laticonica. -Isabelle Raigozza

Luis R. Conriquez and Grupo Frontera "Dem Un Chance" (cartel music)

Luis R. Conriquez and Grupo Frontera come together to present Dame Un Chance. Nortino's contemporary bands and Mexican songwriters offer a new regional Mexican fusion that seamlessly blends Nortino's traditional sounds with the vibrant rhythms of cumbia. Composed by Edgar Barrera, the song serves as a romantic invitation to try their luck, vowing to change (and even cut back on alcohol) if given a chance with the one they love: "I have a feeling my life is better with you." / I know so well they say I'm they say I'm crazy / and I admit it, but I know how to love you too, honey / I'm going down for a drink so you know I need you.” The accompanying video features live performances by the artists with enthusiastic group dancing and entertainment.- Call Luisa

Lenier & Yomo, "Corazon Callejero" (Mr. 305 Records)

Cuban singer-songwriter Lenier challenges Puerto Rican artist Yomo to send a love letter to 'Corazon Callejero'. With a mix of catchy melodies and fast beats, the heartwarming track - a sweet confession of love - balances perfectly between Yomo's signature vocals and Lanier's raw yet menacing vocals. In chorus they sing "Yo tengo un corazón callejero, un corazón bandolero que de ti se enamoró (I have the heart of the street, the heart of a bandit in love with you)." - Ingrid Fajardo

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