Oppo Find N2 Flip Review: This Is How The Future Folds

Oppo Find N2 Flip Review: This Is How The Future Folds

Oppo has always been a strong name in the Chinese market, but is still a smaller player internationally. With the launch of the Oppo Find N2 Flip, the Chinese manufacturer hopes to raise this bar. Showcasing Oppo's technical prowess, the Find N2 Flip is a true competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series and will introduce the Oppo brand to consumers across Europe and beyond.

I spent some time with Oppo's foldable phone to see if it was up to the challenge.

After speaking with Oppo Vice President Billy Zhang, one of the design goals of the Find N2 Flip was to have a normal phone experience when the phone is open. Basically, there's no point in having a foldable phone that doesn't work like a regular phone. Before all the bells and whistles and technological advancements, did the N2 Flip perform as a standard smartphone?

You will be relieved to hear that the answer is yes; Oppo has created a phone that offers an amazing experience. It's not a flagship killer in terms of specs and there are a few areas to watch out for, but overall the Find N2 Flip is a capable smartphone.

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