Techno India University Opens Centre For Women & Gender Studies

Techno India University Opens Centre For Women & Gender Studies


Tech University-India takes necessary steps to ensure the dignity of every individual through its programmes, teaching and research centres.

A panel discussion on "Educational Innovations for Gender Equality in the Digital Age" was held on the occasion.

Continuing its vision to achieve gender equality and empower women, Tech-India University, one of the largest institutions of learning and knowledge in Eastern India, today opened the Center for Women and Gender Studies at its Salt Lake campus. This center was inaugurated by Professor Dr. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-Chairman, Techno India Group, Mr. Urmimala Bose, Honorable Speaker, and Ms. Mupiya Nandi, Deputy Editor of a leading Bengali language news channel.

On this occasion, a panel discussion titled "Innovation in the digital age to achieve gender equality in education in the digital age" was held in which eminent personalities Prof. Dr. Vani Bose, famous writer, Mr. Urmimala Bose, famous orator. , Dr. Maria Fernandez. , WBFDC Vice President. Member of West Bengal Women's Commission and Mr. Mupiya Nandy, Associate Editor - G 24 Hours was present.

“Technology is at the forefront of many efforts to ensure our students are on par with the best in the world This year we opened the Center for Women and Gender Studies, and I believe it will continue to provide a more just and powerful world, especially for women. Here we focus on effectiveness of women as leaders, inclusion and diversity, sustainable development, gender sensitivity, promoting women's empowerment through knowledge and awareness, building strong women leadership teams and more. We will propose an interdisciplinary research framework that covers and supports a wide range of topics including Social, cultural and industrial spheres. This program will help build interpersonal and leadership qualities and enhance executive skills relevant to all types of social, corporate and industrial settings,” said Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, Chairman, Techno India Group.

India's Techno University of India Center for Teaching and Research Center for Women and Gender Studies is taking necessary steps to ensure the dignity of all human beings irrespective of gender and exercise human rights. . Opportunities for peace, equal access to opportunities and resources, consistent power to control one's own life, and the ability to contribute and effect social change to make the world a more equal, just and harmonious platform.

The Center for Women and Gender Studies offers a 3-year postgraduate program lasting 6 semesters. Eligibility for this course is after 12th standard (any stream).

Last updated on March 17, 2023

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