Vh1 Supersonic 2023: Artists And Their à La Mode Fashion Quotient

Vh1 Supersonic 2023: Artists And Their à La Mode Fashion Quotient

One of the largest multi-genre music and lifestyle festivals in India, Vh1 Supersonic promises to be a spectacle for music, art and culture enthusiasts. Neo-jazz Lucien Clarke Tara Lilly, international rapper Tyga, multi-hyphenated classic Kavya Trehan with his artistic versatility, modern vibe of techno producer DJ Nida brings an ethnic flavor to techno-electronic powerhouse T. .ill APES , this year's diverse lineup of artists represents a fantastic fashion palette. Meet the artists and their sense of modern fashion!

they are flowers
With a powerful and fluid sound of jazz, soul and some classic North Indian melismatic styles, Peckham-born British-Bengali artist Tara Lilly continues to cause waves. Born and raised under the influence of classic jazz and Peckham's beatmakers, Lilly's Law Breakers, who fuse golden age Hollywood with old-school sportswear, have created their own dark R&B.

With a straightforward club banger, power traps, and a personality unlike any other in the game, international rapper Tyga is a global trendsetter and reinventing his own art style, whether it's 'Stone Town', 'Me' and 'Taste ". . . . The colour-coordinated collection featured a mix of pastel hues, crew neck tees and oversized cargo pants paired with sleek sneakers – the impeccable style code the New York rapper is known for. It can often be seen in statements and sneakers.

Kavya Trehan
Singer-songwriter and one half of Moscow indie pop band Kavya Trehan makes her own jewelry and ticks all the boxes with the versatility of her outfits. Kavya broke the norm with her K-pop style, minimalist look, and even her metal attire. She accessorized her all-time favorite with a classic oversized white shirt dress and custom Adidas. From girl next door to party appetizers, add a personal touch to each of your avatars.

dj nida
With a mix of tech-house, techno and electronica, DJ Nidar's music is a glorious mix of raw ethnic flavors and very talented elements. She is known for her original fashion style, which creates unique experiences on the dance floor. Her Y2K fashion is striking and elegant, with layered textures, shimmering fabrics, quirky colors and nuanced techno undertones, telling a unique story that accentuates her individuality in every look.

Whether it's music or fashion, hip hop artist T.ill APES always makes a statement. When it comes to fashion, her retro sensibility fuels her creative streak. Style is an important message in your world. From dresses to bag suits, Victorian styles, futuristic metallics and bold colours, their chic and innovative style has made them a favorite among fashionistas.

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