What White House Cybersecurity Strategy Means For Tech Clients: The Morning Minute

What White House Cybersecurity Strategy Means For Tech Clients: The Morning Minute

SOFTWARE OVERVIEW . After much anticipation, the White House last week released its national cybersecurity strategy for 2023. Don't get too carried away: the document isn't strictly binding, it's just a federal government information security project. And until its contents are investigated by Congress, its real teeth continue to show. However, companies have much to learn from strategy as the focus shifts from the actions of smaller suppliers and individuals to larger players, especially large technology companies. Lawyers and cybersecurity experts in the field told Law.com's Isha Maratha that over the next decade, there will be more research into software liability, as well as more legislative debate about cybersecurity. Stephen Lilly, partner at Mayer Brown, said that while results from the strategy paper were unlikely to happen immediately, "if you're a software company, you have to think a lot about the security of your development process. of software". : Do you think about safety and work on safety from the beginning of product design throughout its life?

WHO PAYS IT? - Speaking of software, corporate legal departments today face a difficult combination: the need to invest in technology tools that can help them cope with unprecedented volume and complexity of data and shrinking budgets. According to the 2023 State of the Corporate Legal Industry report, these conflicting factors will continue into 2023 and beyond. The report, prepared by IPRO, an eDiscovery and information management technology solutions company, and the Association of Certified Electronic Discovery Professionals is based on a survey of 126 corporate legal professionals interviewed in December. Many of the findings were not unexpected, says Cassandra Joyer of Law.com, IPRO CEO Dean Brown, but rather confirmation of some of the trends that have emerged over the past two years. And to solve these problems, the legal departments will have to develop better business plans to present to CFOs to justify the expenses, which is not easy. “He continues to view litigation as a business, which is a little scary because there are things that simply cannot be quantified under the law: risk, regulatory pressure, that sort of thing,” Brown explains.

ON RADAR - The eight Ivy League schools and the Ivy League President's Council are facing a class-action antitrust lawsuit in Connecticut District Court over the school's policy of waiving scholarship Athletics. The complaint alleges that the schools agreed not to award athletic scholarships, which constitutes illegal price fixing. The lawsuit also alleges that the schools agreed not to reimburse or reimburse students for education-related expenses for sports services. The lawsuit was filed by Berger Montague; Normand Friedland LLP released; and Zeisler and Zeisler. Lawyers for the accused have yet to appear in court. Case 3:23-cv-00305, Choh et al v. Brown University and others. Stay on top of the latest deals and litigation with the new Law.com Radar.


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