Xiaomis Redmi Note 12 Phones Bring The Best Value Proposition In Smartphones

Xiaomis Redmi Note 12 Phones Bring The Best Value Proposition In Smartphones

Xiaomi started life as a premium smartphone maker, but in recent years the brand has set its sights higher, starting to produce modern flagships with hardware that is arguably superior to even the best phones from Apple and Samsung. But with premium hardware comes premium price, and the retail price of Xiaomi's latest flagship, the 13 Pro, has left some fans disappointed.

But Xiaomi hasn't abandoned its previous approach of offering devices well above the asking price. The company only sells these products to a sub-brand called Redmi.

Over the years, the Redmi Note series has gained immense popularity in markets like India due to its undeniably best price/spec ratio in the industry. And this year is no different. Redmi launched four Note 12 devices for the European and Asian markets this month, and I took a look at the best Note 12 Pro Plus and Note 12 5G, the third among the four phones.

Let's start with the top model, the Note 12 Pro Plus. Despite being top of the line, the phone is relatively affordable, selling for the equivalent of around $500 in Europe and even less in Asia at around $440 (these US prices are converted from regional prices). For that price, you get a 6.7-inch OLED screen wrapped in slim bezels with up to a 120Hz refresh rate. The screen is bright and the colors are vivid. It also supports Dolby Vision, so it's a display panel that seems to be on a more expensive phone.


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