10 DJs We're Dying To See At Terminal V This Weekend

10 DJs We're Dying To See At Terminal V This Weekend

This weekend, Edinburgh's Royal Highland Center will host Scotland's biggest house and techno festival, loved by artists and visitors alike. It will feature some of the biggest names in house and techno, including Amelie Lance, Ewan McVicar, Charlotte de Wit, Alan Fitzpatrick and many more.

To get you in the mood for the deliciously hedonistic mayhem the weekend will bring, we've rounded up just ten artists we really wanted to see play this year. To be honest, it was difficult to reduce the size of the wheel, but we managed (somehow)!

Ewan McVicar

Ewan McVicar

Photo: Ewan McVicar/Facebook.com

Well, we couldn't help but celebrate Skiddle's 2022 Artist of the Year, could we? The young Scottish DJ was one of Skiddle's most popular artists last year, and for good reason. He's going strong, releasing some of the best songs of 2022, playing the best venues around the world and bringing crazy energy wherever he goes. His set is insane.



Photo: TAALIA/Facebook.com

when to start The energy of his sets is unmatched. We guarantee that not a single soul will be idle touching the bridges. Nominated for the DJ Mags Breakthrough DJ Award last year, we're sure we'll be seeing them all over the place soon. And when that day comes, we'll be overjoyed!



Photo: 999999999/Facebook.com

999999999 is another serious techno duo who are blowing up the crowd with their energetic and lively songs. Armed with raw and hard-hitting power, the Italian duo have become one of the most sought-after techno groups of our time.

Chippy without stopping

Chippy without stopping

Photo: Chippy Nonstop/Facebook.com

The undisputed partygoer Chippy Nonstop was born to be out on deck. Chippy is a rapper, producer, DJ and singer, known worldwide for throwing inclusive parties with chaotic and loud soundtracks. He released his latest album in 2021 with DJ Genderfluid and the single Enter My Fantasy with Panteros666 last year and we know these songs will be a hit with the Terminal V crowd.

i hate models

i hate models

Photo: I Hate Models / Facebook.com

If there's one artist who brings a unique energy to Terminal V, it's I Hate Models. This guy just can't stand still in his performances and we love that. You get what you give, right? Having played at some of the biggest electronic music events in the world, he has more than enough experience to know exactly how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand. It will be magical to see it in action.

Hector Oak


Photo: Hector Oakes/Facebook.com

Madrid's Hector Oakes is a real force to be reckoned with. As a pure vinyl DJ, you have to agree with him whether you like his sets or not. But there's a chance you'll like his set. He plays modern bangers with elements from the rich history of rave culture, choosing songs that share a certain mood rather than a genre.



Photo: VTS/Facebook.com

We are sure that soon Polish MTSS will be everywhere. This year he visited Time Warp, Extrema Outdoor, DC-10 in Ibiza, Primavera and more. Having released music regularly since 2018, he is part of a new wave of industrial techno artists who are instantly recognizable for the speed of their sets.



Photo: Frazi.er/Facebook.com

We're sure Glasgow's Frazi.er will give Terminal V a warm welcome.This Scottish powerhouse has seen a meteoric rise with their raw and energetic sound. His influences range from Detroit sounds to 90s dance, and we know Terminal V audiences will welcome his experiments with open arms.

Timothy Clerk

Timothy Clerkin

Photo: Timothy Clerkin/Instagram.com

Since 2010, Clerkin has been driving crowds crazy with records, DJs and live performances. It's always great to see a legend play, but when he hits The Palms Tent, we're even more giddy than usual. The second open stage, the smallest and most intimate part of the festival, will be epic.

Lena Willikens

Lena Willikens

Photo: Lena Willikens/Facebook.com

Lena Willikens loves a little chaos in her sets. Its purpose is to play a set that takes you to another place. It explores every sound and doesn't play the hits, instead focusing on creating a truly immersive otherworldly experience. We don't think we need to explain why his set is going to be great.

Terminal V tickets are still available! Get your tickets at the bottom of this page to see all this action and more techno and house legends this weekend. Or click or click here for more information.

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Title: Terminal V / Facebook.com

Tickets: Terminal V | Edinburgh Royal Highland Center | Saturday, 8 - Sunday, April 9, 2023

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