Content Creator Raj Shamani Launches Techplatform House Of X

Content Creator Raj Shamani Launches Techplatform House Of X
House of X aims to grow India's D2C space. © Brought to you by Financial Express House of Ex to develop India's D2C space.

Content creator Raj Chamani has announced the launch of House of X, a platform he says will help content creators build brands in seven days. With this launch, Chamani becomes the first content creator to launch a technology-based platform in India.

The company uses a number of advertising materials and aims to help launch brands across a variety of categories, including personal care, home appliances, safety, beauty and more.

Commenting on the launch, Raj Chamani, founder and content creator of House of X said, "It's an exciting time for creativity in the creative industry, especially as India emerges. The world's largest creative hub, home to over 100 million creators, including myself , has an expiration date And that's where House X comes in as a platform.

he added. "The future is building sustainable personal brands as we leverage the fast-evolving era of creator loyalty to help extend the lives of creators beyond the gram. So it's important for brands today to adapt their business model to 'fit for value' and consumption patterns of a different audience. younger. How can content creators truly understand their needs." They saw it for themselves.'

From getting the right product idea to the right designer, House says it's a powerhouse of ecommerce like sourcing, warehousing, shipping, customer service, and helping content creators make millions.

Neeraj Kumawat, Co-Founder and CTO of House of X commented, "Without a comprehensive technology platform, creators have not been able to realize their potential in building a D2C brand that resonates with their audience. Through House of X, we aim to empower ball makers in India to bridge this gap." You can build and grow a consumer digital brand led by creators. Through X House, to empower India's best content creators to build and grow digital consumer brands. This gap, this gap."

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