Fitbit's Next Smartwatch Could Help Keep An Eye On Your Kid

Fitbit's Next Smartwatch Could Help Keep An Eye On Your Kid

TL; Doctor

  • Fitbit is working on a smartwatch for kids.
  • The leaked images suggest the smartwatch will have a camera and possible cellular connectivity.
  • Early reports indicate that this Fitbit smartwatch will launch in 2024.

Fitbit makes good fitness wearables and offers fitness trackers aimed at kids. But if you're looking for something other than a basic tracker, you have no choice but to look at the company's mature smartwatch. That could change soon, as recent leaks have revealed a kids' smartwatch from Fitbit

According to a leak from 9to5Google , Fitbit is working on a smartwatch for kids with a camera and cellular connectivity. The report includes several images of the blue smartwatch, which clearly shows its front-facing camera, pronounced buttons, and a status bar with a cellular network icon (indicating the presence of a cellular connection).

Leaked images of the smartwatch reveal an atypical design. The smartwatch leans toward its demographics with a fun blue color dominating the entire body, strap, and bracelet. The body has two buttons and they also have bright red and neon yellow colors. The leaked smartwatch looks quite large, and we're curious to see how big it will be on a child's wrist.

The images also show the splash screen, which will be appealing to a child. Additionally, the report notes that the smartwatch runs Fitbit OS instead of the full Wear OS.

The report does not contain any details other than pictures. However, an old Business Insider report said Fitbit's Project Eleven kids' smartwatch will launch in 2024.

A smartwatch for kids with cellular connectivity and a camera will be of interest to many parents. After all, if your child is old enough to need a full smartwatch operating system, you give them a smartwatch.

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