From Technoinspired Rave Bags To Pants That Depict Neurons, This Chennaibased Gender Neutral Fashion Labels Creations Are Conversation Starters

From Technoinspired Rave Bags To Pants That Depict Neurons, This Chennaibased Gender Neutral Fashion Labels Creations Are Conversation Starters

From the new collection of Electrical Impulses by Biskit | Photo Credit: Custom Settings

"We work with concepts, not seasons," says Shruti, who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and manages production and technical aspects such as garment manufacturing and material sourcing for the brand. A graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts, Harsha manages brands and visual identities.

Harsha, a visual new media artist from Berlin, is also a photographer and some of his images feature clothing. This helmet features a happy dog ​​print and an abstract space print. "We work with form and what we make has to be highly functional. That's why we have lots of pockets, even hidden pockets," added Shruti holding up a shirt with hidden pockets at the cuffs of the sleeves. They create single edition works or up to 21 issues per style.

Harsha and Shruti Biswajit

Harsha and Shruti Biswajit | Photo Credit: Custom Settings

Ready for her new Biskit collection (above ₹10k), Shruti expresses how the world is a reflection of the mind. This describes the large shorts that represent neurons. A white zip-up shirt covered in black embroidery represents the spinal cord on the back. “It is filled with muslin scraps and lined with recycled polyester,” says Shruti, who explains that they are brand conscious and use scrap or fabric scraps in their creations.

"We also take the dead from the factory," he said. A good example is jackets and pants made of breathable mesh. Biskit uses materials such as recycled denim, recycled polyester, tencel, organic cotton.

Primarily featuring understated clothing in black, grey, blue and white, the collection includes tunics, trousers, shirts and oversized jackets. Black is beautiful, says Shruti with a laugh, adding that her aesthetic is inspired by Berlin's underground techno scene.

Space Biskit

Space Cookies | Photo Credit: Custom Settings

Biskit's identity is more than just a fashion brand. Shruti and Harsha conceptualized the Biskit Underground sessions, in which the DJ performed at various venues. So far, the events have been held in Milan and at Biskit's studio in Chennai. Music is a big part of the label, says Shruti.

In February this year, Biskit collaborated with Italian brand GWSU for a pop-up in Milan. Each collection of pop-up exhibits is specially designed for the event. She has a tech-inspired rave bag that folds up and carries over the shoulder like a tote or zips up to store a bottle of wine. Pop-ups are a fusion of clothing, art, and music, and together they create an audiovisual experience.

Inside the studio

Inside the studio | Photo Credit: Custom Settings

"In December we had a pop-up on Magnetic Fields. There was a lot of energy and we were at our comfort level with music," said Shruti. For this they launched the Good Energy capsule collection with t-shirts and water bottle bags.

Space Biskit is located at 57, Fifth Street, Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

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