House Of Fashion Launches Fashion & Art Experience During Miami Tech Month

House Of Fashion Launches Fashion & Art Experience During Miami Tech Month

An "Unlocking the Future" event to announce the Web3 brand and showcase Miami Tech Month's innovations in physical and digital fashion.


Fashion House, a leading web3 based fashion brand, is pleased to unveil its latest collection at the immersive art, fashion and technology event taking place on April 7, 2023 in Miami. The event "In Search of the Future: Fashion and Art Experience" promises to combine the creative approaches of fashion houses to physical and digital fashion.

"We're excited to launch Fashion in Miami Tech Month, which is the perfect time to showcase our innovative approach to fashion," said Camiro. "We are proud to be the founders of Latin America and we are excited to bring a new level of creativity to the fashion industry."

Fashion House is a prominent brand in the digital fashion world and this event offers a unique experience to the audience. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the fashion house with unique home decor items, art installations and digital wearables. The highlight of the event was this year's Mute de Ensemble performance.

As well as fashion shows, visitors can take photos with immersive art installations, enjoy food and drink and meet like-minded people who share their passion for art, fashion and technology. The environment is created for the future of fashion to network and the right opportunity.

The brand's unique selling proposition is that its products exist both physically and digitally, each with its own functionality and benefits. Members also have access to a pre-sale fashion digital collection home to more than just works of art; They are the ticket to the world of fashion houses. The digital collection will be released on Ethereum on May 5. By attending the event, you will be the first to discover the collection and experience the fashion of the future.

The company's focus on creating fashion for new digital platforms makes it technology agnostic and able to reach audiences anywhere. A fashion house aims to surprise and captivate consumers with unique physical and digital style. Augmented reality filters for social media, virtual meetings, wearables for the metaverse, or a mix of physical and digital fashion, Fashion House has something for everyone.

The digital collection took a year to complete as the fashion collection was designed with attention to detail. Nurturing and building a brand like a fashion house requires creativity and unique fashion experience, technological know-how and cultural awareness.

In a world where digital fashion is the future, Fashion House is a must-have digital collector for fashion lovers. With a deep and rich history and a universe that allows for the use of intellectual property, owning a fashion house is more than just owning a digital collection. It has a piece of fashion history that can be experienced in both the real world and the metaverse.

Respond to Rumah Mod's unforgettable night of art, fashion and technology, opening on April 7.

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About the fashion house

Fashion House through physical and digital physical sales, digital AR and VR wearables, salvageable fashion items, virtual experiences, real and dynamic fashion scenes and interactions.

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