How Many Android Devices Are On Android 13? Fewer Than Android 11, Unfortunately

How Many Android Devices Are On Android 13? Fewer Than Android 11, Unfortunately
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  • The latest distribution data for Android 13 shows faster growth than Android 12.
  • However, Android 11 still has the lion's share, with 23.5% of Android devices running this version.
  • Samsung's strong commitment to software support will go a long way in Android adoption.

A few years ago, Google regularly leaked Android distribution numbers to the public. However, the company has discontinued this practice and is now releasing updates from time to time without a clear schedule.

The latest issue is available today (via 9to5Google ). The most interesting thing about this new chart is the Android 13 adoption percentage. According to Google, 12.1% of Android devices are running Android 13. This is a huge increase from January 2023, and only 5% of devices are running the latest stable version. . the androids

This jump is much bigger than any jump we've seen for Android 12. We'll have to wait for the next release numbers to know for sure, but it looks like Android 13 will surpass the success of Android 12, and in less time. .

While the chart above shows some good news for Android 13, it tells the old story of global Android fragmentation. More than 23% of Android devices run Android 11, which is the biggest slice of the pie. Although Android 10 is still widespread, it accounts for 18.5% of the overall adoption.

Unfortunately, this is only standard for Android. With so many OEMs, so many phones, and historically poor update commitments, millions of Android devices are plagued by outdated (and insecure) versions of the operating system.

However, the success of Android 13 is probably due to some big OEMs trying to change the game. Led by Samsung - the OEM with the best software commitment in the industry - we're seeing new commitments from OnePlus, OPPO and even Google itself, making a five-year commitment to security patches in 2021 for the first time.

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