Issue 395 Of Future Music Is Out Now

Issue 395 Of Future Music Is Out Now

Maybe the year By 2023, the hardware consolidation market will be more diverse and accessible than ever before. We're rounding up the best in this edition as 10 legendary Guardians face off in our massive shootout.

We've ranked hardware instruments from Moog, Novation, Sequential, UDO, and more to determine the best polycents of 2023.

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Surgeon - British techno icon Anthony Childe tells us how he played the machines live on his new Crash Recoil studio album.

Channel Trace is a Los Angeles based musician who creates his signature mix of deep house and hip hop.

Lucinda Chua FKA is a member of Lead Twigs and Stars while working on her solo debut album.

CLASSIC ALBUM: DJ Sprinkles at the subversive classic Midtown Club 120 Blues.


The Great Polysynth Shootout : Moog vs Novation vs Sequential and more... 10 legendary polysynths face off in a group challenge.

Manufacturer's Guide: Introducing the latest features of Arturia Pigments

State-of-the-art drum processing : compression, EQ, spatial effects and more.

Knowledge - What you need to know about additive effects


Series trine-6

Apple Mac Mini M2

Quantus Tractate of Noise Engineering

Rumored to be EVO SP8

Donner DMK-25 Pro

Digital Electron 1.5

Long test: T-1 barrel

& more


From ramps, dips and pops to atonal beats and rhythmic shakes, we've got all your "sweet" moments.

Dub Chords - Extended synths, guitar chords and organ melodies help you channel your inner King Tubby or master.

Enter the FM sample file . Download archive packs and access over 18 GB of loops, hits and instruments from our catalog of high-quality free samples. Experience the best from classic synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and special effects. All the samples you need to create great music!

The Future of Electronic Dance Music: Discovering New Sounds and Artists #395


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