Meet The Paris 'Technoactivist' Dancing Against The Pension Reform

Meet The Paris 'Technoactivist' Dancing Against The Pension Reform
Meet the Paris-based "tech activist" who opposes pension reform

A little-known activist suddenly finds himself in the spotlight, but the attention is welcome. “It makes the movement and our ideas more visible, so we have to take advantage of it,” he said. The video has been shared several times on social networks by Caillard himself and Alternatiba Paris. It has become a tool to rally and encourage people to demonstrate.

"The step of protesting can be overwhelming. Especially if you only see photos of protesters beaten or gassed," explained the young activist. The goal is clear: to show that it can also be "fun", show a positive spirit and encourage newcomers to participate This is where the idea of ​​techno musicians chanting slogans came from: "Dances and parties are a way to participate in protests. After people come, they listen to political speeches and that can make them want to get more involved, and that's the point," he says.

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Going out is part of the DNA of a young family. He doesn't remember his first protest - it was in the car - but he still remembers protesting against the CPE (a draft employment contract that the government canceled in 2006 in the wake of Al-Shabaab) when he was there. 10 years a year, her parents, left-wing environmentalists of the 2000s, often discussed politics at home. "She always loved participating in these discussions, exchanging ideas," recalls her mother, Veronique, a former nanny turned psychologist. But his true political awareness dates back to August 28, 2018. He was then 21 years old and was studying political science at the Dauphine University in Paris. That morning, Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot announced his resignation on France Inter radio.

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French activist uses dance to protest against pension reform | French press agency


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