Minecraft: 20 Most Popular Texture Packs

Minecraft: 20 Most Popular Texture Packs

Minecraft is all about customization and freedom of choice. The sandbox environment allows players to do whatever they want, from exploring to building to farming. Similarly, in-game visuals can be slightly modified to create the illusion of greater realism. Mods like texture packs and shadows have allowed players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

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As for texture packs in particular, there are hundreds and thousands of them. For Bedrock players, the market is the best way to find new ones. However, Java players can be downloaded for free almost anywhere. For those looking for the most popular texture packs, here are the best Minecraft texture packs for 1.17.

Updated March 22, 2023 by Ben Painter. The latest Minecraft update, 1.20, is almost here. Known as Trials and Tales, this update will bring emblems, camels, ancient cauldrons, and more to the game, and should be one of the best updates in a long time. One thing that doesn't change in the update is the classic Minecraft textures, and if players want a refreshing change, they should check out the texture packs to provide a great new gaming experience. The update adds five beautiful new textures for players to download and use in their Minecraft worlds.


20 Prime HD Textures

Many adventure texture packs are highly detailed and grainy, which can make them look a bit muddy from a distance. Not so with Prime's HD textures, which really bring out the colors in the world of Minecraft , while still having the cuteness and vibrancy of cartoons.

While most of the blocks are easily recognizable, they now look a bit cleaner, smoother, and smoother. It's almost like seeing Minecraft as if the world has been hand-painted by an artist with watercolors.

19 wonderful

As the name suggests, Mythic is a texture pack that transforms Minecraft into a mythical world of medieval fantasy adventures. It has incredible details and completely changes the look of the game.

The mythical mobs look absolutely amazing with the amazing new skins, but the most impressive part has to be the item icons, which are very high quality and beautiful pixel art. The latter is actually the main theme behind the general style of the texture pack.

18 classic 3d

  • Theme: 3D, vanilla compatible
  • Created by RyanGar46

Minecraft 3D textures are an interesting concept that has been explored quite a bit. However, some of the best Minecraft 3D texture packs require very powerful computers due to the amount of detail. Also, many of these texture packs are hyper-realistic as well as 3D.

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This classic 3D texture pack is a bit more doable for casual gamers. The textures are very vanilla and distinct, plus the new 3D details really bring the whole world of Minecraft to life. It's worth a try for those who have always been interested in 3D textures.

17 lithographs 32x

  • Theme: Detailed Vanilla Friendly Mobs
  • Creator: Eliazar

The trend of easy to use texture packs continues to grow, Lithos 32x is one of the best texture packs for Minecraft . Each block will look very different, making it ideal for players who don't like to see big or drastic differences in their Minecraft worlds.

However, the added details of the blocks, items, and mobs make this texture pack far superior. This improves the vanilla experience for players who like cleaner, higher definition textures. The monsters are probably the biggest feature of this texture pack, with incredible changes to the appearance of some of them.

16 bare feet

Despite the abundance of shaders, HD texture packs, and stable mods, many gamers may still find it difficult to get this content running on their Minecraft . One of the best low-end Minecraft texture packs for PC is Bare Bones, which smooths everything out nicely.

It has a very simple and minimalist look with cartoonish textures. The depth of the blocks is small, but this creates a unique aesthetic that makes the game feel more dynamic and joyful. Bare Bones actually looks very similar to the texture style seen in official Minecraft artwork.

15 jiklus

  • Subject: Vanilla, country
  • Created by Jiclus

Jicklus Texture Pack brings an indescribably charming elegance to Minecraft . It may not be a rosy texture pack, but there is something beautiful about its rustic and slightly medieval textures that make it ideal for players who play tiny houses and build beautiful houses. .

While there are notable changes to texture lock, most of them are perfectly subtle, yet different enough to keep things interesting. This is a great Minecraft texture pack for beginners who want to try something new but don't want to completely change the look of their game.

14 Sapix Craft

  • Theme: Cartoon, Game, Cartoon
  • Created by Sapix

Considering how simple and dynamic Minecraft is, it almost begs for a livelier texture pack. That is exactly what Sapixcraft is. It's packed with rich colors, simple and clean textures, and a fun art style that might remind players of light RPGs.

One of the highlights of the texture pack is how it handles the leaves on the trees. Each leaf is now clearly drawn within the leaf blocks, making them look absolutely gorgeous. Just because a texture pack is fun and artistic doesn't mean it doesn't pay attention to detail.

13 documentaries

  • Theme: Medieval Fantasy, RPG
  • Creator: Doctor

Dokucraft is one of the oldest and most popular texture packs in the Minecraft community, and for good reason. This is a beautiful medieval and fantasy style texture pack, perfect for RPG adventure maps or multiplayer servers. In many ways, it resembles John Smith's famous textured suit.

Dokucraft is a bit more cheat-inspired and comes in three different types: light, dark, and loud. Depending on the color palette and saturation preferences of the player, you can choose between different types. The colors are quite clean and dark, perfect for RPG adventure games and building ornate medieval castles.

Note: As of January 2022, only Dokucraft Light is available for version 1.18.

12 Faithful x32

Many gamers like the look of Minecraft and therefore prefer texture packs that stay true to the game's original colors and style. Faithful is probably how it got its name as a texture pack because it stays true to the original Minecraft style and improves on it.

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The difference is not easy to see with the naked eye, but the texture pack cleans up many of the textures in the game and makes them more detailed and high-res. It's the same game gamers have known since its release in 2011, only with higher quality textures.

11 Sphax PureBDCraft

  • Theme: Art, Comedy, Playful, Cartoon Style
  • Created by: Sfax

While there's nothing wrong with the standard Minecraft look, it could use a bit more cartoonishness. Sphax's PureBDCraft combines art and the environment to create just that. Although many of the blocks and groups look different, they are still very distinct, which is the strength of this texture pack.

It's a good choice for players who like cartoony, lively, and colorful art style with a wholesome look. The color scheme is still very true to Minecraft , but the textures are much cleaner and higher quality, making them less cluttered and more like the pages of a comic book.

10 final radiographs

  • Subject: Non-cosmetic use
  • Created by: Filmjolk

No list of popular texture packs would be complete without mentioning the controversial XRay Ultimate resource pack. However, the download numbers speak for themselves. Countless players have opted for this texture pack, which essentially allows them to see through walls and easily find valuable ores like diamonds.

Needless to say, XRay Ultimate is cheating. However, it doesn't matter what players do in their world alone or with friends. This becomes problematic when players use this texture pack on multiplayer survival servers where fairness and resource fairness are important due to high player scores.

9 John Smith Legacy

Minecraft's RPG features like enchanting, world exploration, and combat really lend themselves to all sorts of medieval aesthetic fixups. This is probably why John Smith is one of the best texture packs for Minecraft . This is one of the most downloaded medieval fantasy texture packs in games, perfect for adventure maps and RPG servers.

John Smith may not have bright colors. It's actually quite faded and dark, but it turns Minecraft into a medieval fantasy world in a jiffy. Many blocks are completely different from their original style, so players who like radical changes and medieval constructions will definitely enjoy this texture pack.

8 64x compatibility

For fans of a more standard look, the Compliance 64x is another good option. It is also available in Bedrock. The thing about the adaptation is that it stays true to the original Minecraft style without being too light, subtle, or unexpected. It falls perfectly somewhere in between.

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However, what makes Compliance unique is that it is a collaborative texture pack. In fact, a community of artists is at the heart of Conformity's creation. As for the style itself, it cleans up a lot of the textures in the game, but adds more detail to the parts that matter and should stick with the player.

7 unfaithful

Indie games have become more and more popular in recent years due to their charming art style. This texture pack has the same charm as Stardew Valley or RPG Roguelike due to its high quality and detailed retro RPG look.

There are so many things that Faithless does that attract people. It has nostalgia, bright colors, and a style that still fits the Minecraft setting . For players who are looking for something completely different, but not too different, Faithless is the number one choice and is definitely one of the best textures in Minecraft right now.

Realistic Texture Pack with 6 Mass

  • Theme : realistic, photographic
  • Creator : Misa

With better technology and better shaders, Minecraft modders have really pushed the limits of what the game is capable of. Misa's texture pack is a great example of this, as it does a fantastic job of drawing textures in Minecraft with impressive precision.

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Combine this texture pack with the shader and Minecraft will look like a whole new game. gamers who can afford to push the limits of their computer.

5 Anemia

  • Theme : Cartoon, dreamy
  • Created by Anemoya

This textured suit is simply stunning. Anemoia features a cartoonish, almost dreamlike landscape that looks like a scene from Adventure Time . Brightly colored, it's a nice change of pace for Minecraft.

Optifine is required for this, but it's very simple to install and this texture pack is worth a try. The grass is a beautiful lime green which makes the whole world stand out and players should enjoy being able to build some amazing textures with this texture pack.

4 epic adventures

  • Theme : realistic, photographic
  • Creator : t0by1o9tt

If gamers are looking for a realistic texture that makes them feel like they are walking through real deserts, forests, and tundra, then Epic Adventures should be the texture pack to download as it is one of the best textures out there.

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The leaves on this are just beautiful. Unlike the blocky style of vanilla Minecraft, these leaves appear to come from a normal tree. Epic Adventures is the perfect name for this because this is exactly what is expected when players see what has changed in this.

3 flourishing

If players are looking for a retro, medieval style, Bloom is perfect. Runescape fans will love this one, as the style of the popular MMORPG seems to be heavily influenced by Bloom.

It's just beautiful almost with Terraria . The bright, vibrant colors are not what you would normally expect from a medieval woven style. It's a nice change from the norm and works really well with this.

2 RetroNES

This texture pack is unique, but in the best way, it takes inspiration from the Nintendo NES and uses 8-bit textures to transform the blocks into something that looks like a retro game from the NES era.

With the shading of the cells on the sides of the blocks, it really looks like players traveled back in time and played a game from the 80s. The best thing about this texture pack is that the paint has been replaced with characters from classic games. of the time as Mario, Link and Samus. If this style is what gamers are looking for, download it and get one of the best texture packs for Minecraft.

1 Holicraft

Jolicraft offers a perfect blend of cartoony yet realistic style with higher quality textures and dynamic gameplay. The stonework is medieval with so much detail, but the grass is bright and vibrant, a very nice contrast.

The creatures transform to better match their real life appearance; the villagers look human in this one, and the cows have a classic black and white dotted look. With simple yet beautiful designs, Jolicraft uses every block to create a great look and is one of the best textures in the game.

Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011, and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation Vita, and Apple TV.

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