OnePlus V Fold Design Seemingly Shown In This OPPO Leak

OnePlus V Fold Design Seemingly Shown In This OPPO Leak
OPPO found leaked N3 design © Courtesy of Android Headlines OPPO Find leaked N3 design schemes

The OnePlus V Fold is the company's next foldable smartphone. The company's first foldable phone in history. However, the design of the OPPO Find N3 has been leaked via sketches and this is how the OnePlus V Fold looks like.

This is what the OnePlus V Fold design looks like

Why? Well, there are two reasons. First of all, it's the design details themselves, you'll notice that the phone seems to have a warning slider on the right side. Well, at least the third button/switch on the right that looks like an alarm button.

OPPO tends not to use such hardware in its phones, but OnePlus does. Moreover, these two companies are subsidiaries and both belong to BBK Electronics. They are no strangers to sharing designs and rebranding certain phones for different markets.

So, it might be the OnePlus V Fold, but no guarantees. In any case, if this is indeed the OPPO Find N3, it will be significantly larger in size than its predecessor, as the rumors suggest.

OPPO Find N & N2 are quite compact when folded, but Find N3 seems not to be.

OPPO Find N and N2 are quite compact phones when folded. When it was introduced, it had a 7.1-inch screen. Well, it seems that the OPPO Find N3 will come with an 8-inch panel, so it will be more in line with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Xiaomi MIX Fold 2, and other large book-folding type devices.

The OPPO Find N and N2 are really the only compact book-style foldables out there. You might say that a phone should be compact when folded, but... most companies seem to be doing the opposite.

Either way, you'll see an Oreo camera on the back of this phone along with a triple camera inside. The Hasselblad logo is also visible on this Oreo camera, and one of the cameras is a periscope telephoto lens. We assume that the other two are wide (main) and very wide blocks, as the rumors say. The phone is said to have a 50MP main camera (Sony IMX890 sensor), a 48MP ultra-wide module (Sony IMX581 sensor) and a 32MP telephoto camera (L07D1W22).

The edges of the screen cover are very thin, and the holes for the screen cameras are concentrated at the top. Unfortunately, this leak doesn't show us the home screen.

The leaked design of the OPPO OnePlus V Fold has made its debut in Android headlines.

Has Samsung really "improved" the Galaxy Fold?

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