Oppo Find N3 Schematic Leaks: Hints At Future OnePlus V Fold

Oppo Find N3 Schematic Leaks: Hints At Future OnePlus V Fold
Oppo may be Samsung's biggest threat in the foldable phone market. The company has already released the Find N2 Flip (one of the The best foldable phones 2023) that we think are the best Galaxy Z Flip 4 in many ways. Now let's take a look at Oppo's future competition with Samsung in the form of the unannounced Oppo Find N3 design project. ( via NashvilleChatter ) In last year's Oppo Find N2, the foldable form factor has been improved just like the previous model. Find N2 Flip: Introducing a thinner and lighter body, a much less noticeable mid-screen crease, and a brighter screen than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. So what's in store for the next iteration?

Oppo finds the N3 design

Well, the image isn't exactly revealing, but at least we can find out some basic information about the phone. What catches the eye is the large circular camera island on the back, which appears to house three cameras in total.

Looking at the (rectangular) shape of the camera, it can be assumed that the Oppo Find N3 will come with a periscopic zoom lens. We can also see some Hasselblad brands that we know such as Oppo and OnePlus has been on its phones for the last few years. The Find N2 had a very powerful camera that produced quality photos and videos, so we expect its successor to offer better camera performance.

In terms of buttons, we can see a power button and a volume button on the right side of the bezel, but on the left side there may be another alarm slider that you might find on some phones. OnePlus.

The OnePlus V Fold could be the same case

Given that Oppo and OnePlus have teamed up some time ago, it is safe to assume that the rumor is true The OnePlus V Fold, the company's first foldable phone, will bear some resemblance to the Find N3. Not to mention that Oppo has already done a lot with this form factor, so OnePlus would save a lot of time if it took a working formula and rebranded the device.

We can't be sure how much OnePlus will get from the Oppo Find N3. In terms of specifications, Oppo Find N3 has an 8-inch internal display with a resolution of 2268 x 2440 pixels and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. The company's foldable phones also have excellent displays. In this case we say 6.5 inches.

Based on market logic, the Find N3 is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that is expected to ship with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 (albeit in a specially modified version). Furthermore, we are expecting a variant with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, as well as a 4805mAh battery.

As for the camera system, apart from the periscope camera, the rest could be a 48MP ultra wide angle camera and a 50MP main camera.

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