Should Samsung Chase Better Batteries Or Provide Faster Charging? Heres What We Think

Should Samsung Chase Better Batteries Or Provide Faster Charging? Heres What We Think
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Samsung is often criticized for not going the extra mile with fast charging. Also, the tendency to charge a large battery in a device without charging it doesn't help, making it difficult to maintain a charge. This ensures lag-free switching on Samsung phones.

Now, while fast charging improves the user experience, reports suggest that Samsung will take a different approach with improving its battery technology, but is it the right move? Here's what we thought.

Samsung is developing a stacked SDI component design for high-capacity batteries.

According to a report by The Elects, Samsung SDI, a Samsung Electronics company focused on battery technology and electronics, is developing new designs for lithium-ion cells packaged in smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics.

The manufacturing design used to make these new components is already used in electric vehicle batteries, and the battery components (anode, cathode, etc.) appear to be stacked to increase energy density without changing their shape much. This could reportedly result in a 10% increase in battery capacity (think the same S23 Ultra with a 5,500mAh battery), a change that can make all the difference between the best phones on the market.

Should Samsung focus on fast charging?

It's been great to work on battery technology that allows for more capacity in a cell of the same size. Will Samsung focus more on fast charging technology? We think they should.

The ability to gain more density makes Samsung device designs thinner or more compact overall. It could also have the benefit of applications in product categories like power banks and watches, not just phones. Most importantly, better stamina goes a long way. So the new battery technology will have a positive effect.

However, we think Samsung should emphasize fast charging, because in most cases your device uses fast charging capabilities; Instead of getting more power. Last year's Galaxy S22 Ultra, despite claiming 45W charging support, peaked at 45W in minutes and took just over an hour to charge from 0% to 100%. Galaxy S23 Ultra reviews report similar standby times despite using the best USB-C chargers for phones.

Chinese OEMs know they can deliver 60W and above, and it's time for Samsung to move forward with the hardware.

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