Ultra 2023 Day Two Saw EDM Superstars Go Techno And A Tiësto Classic Reemerge

Ultra 2023 Day Two Saw EDM Superstars Go Techno And A Tiësto Classic Reemerge
Let's face it: the pinnacle of EDM is long overdue. Can you blame some of the biggest names in dance music for digging into their secret credentials? On day two of Ultra Music Festival, Oliver Heldens and Deadmau5 surprisingly took over the massive structure to deliver one of the weekend's most entertaining techno combos as Hi-Lo and Testpilot. Eric Prydz also appeared on tour with drumcode player Adam Baer under the techno moniker Dr. String.

But the biggest winner of day two of Ultra was probably Tiesto, whose 2005 classic "Adagio for Strings" took center stage during back-to-back performances by Dutch DJs Hi-Lo and Testpilot. Love or hate Tiësto's return to electronic dance music, he certainly left a legacy that speaks for itself.

Here's what you missed the most from Day 2 of Ultra 2023:

Hi Lo B2B Testpilot

Deadmau5 (aka TestPilot) last played the massive Hulk in 2016 for A State of Trance. It was opened with metal and closed with Motorhead's ace of spades. But when Joel Zimmerman puts on his test pilot cap, it's even harder. Along with EDM DJ Oliver Heldens, who had spent time under his techno alter ego Hi-Lo, the duo reintroduced a pristine throwback to dark techno that the first Hulk lacked. The bass beat constantly until there was nothing left to give. The two released a remix to the now grounding bass riff on Bajkerky's song "I Wanna Go Bang" and used vocal samples that sound like demons roaring in their sleep. Towards the end of the set, Zimmerman delivered a remix of "Sometimes Things Get Done, Whatever" and a remix of legend Tiësto's "Adagio for Strings", an unexpected hit. grant alberto

armin van buren

“Are you going to have a dream with me? Armin van Buuren shouted out to the crowd before playing an unreleased song with lyrics of a similar nature. The Dutch DJ played sunset on the main stage to a sold-out crowd as red aliens danced past the stage. Dubbed the "King of Crossover" by attendees, his eye-catching visuals combine his hypnotic visuals with captivating and uplifting beats. For the first time in a long time, he took the stage for his 2012 hit 'This Is What It Feels Like', taking the audience on a ride filled with techno, bass and a 'funky remix of 'Sweet Child O'. 'Mine.' Marie Gibson

That's all

A fan favorite, Tiesto's compilation included a yet-to-be-released track, as well as a mix of old and new songs and a scattering of drum and bass sounds. The Dutch DJ played a dubstep mix of SZA's "Kill Bill", The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" and HBO's fantastic song White Lotus . With a discography that spans decades, eagle-eared fans must have noticed that he released "Adagio for Strings," released nearly 20 years ago, in the middle of a show of fireworks, lasers and, of course, applause from the crowd. . Mary Gibson

B2B Series Adam Baer Dr.

Between illness, travel delays and a pandemic, it's been almost five years of ordeal bringing together Swedish producers Adam Baer and Series D (aka Erik Prydges techno) at Ultra. But all of that is a thing of the past, as the two quickly caught up. The Swedish techno duo worked together, balancing Pryd's penchant for breathy vocals while Pryd kept it from getting too dark. However, it darkens as the bass works its magic and the two combine to push the effects to greater heights than ever before. Strobe lights flash as time slows and lasers move across the stage as the two delve deeper, with each song taking the listener on a long journey. grant alberto


Alesso opened their main stage with Tove Lo's 2015 hit "Heroes (We Can Be"), resulting in progressive house filled with new music. Highlights include a previously unreleased intro track featuring Ty Dolla $ign, a remix of "When I'm Gone" featuring Katy Perry, and "Under Control" featuring Calvin Harris. As a special guest, Swedish singer Zara Larsson took to the stage for her DJ collaboration on "Sound." But the biggest testament to Alesso's place among EDM greats was when he performed on their 2013 collaboration with One Republic, "If I Lose Myself." Whether you're sitting by the water in a VIP, in line to buy pizza, or front row on a stage, everyone who heard the first notes sang along with every song. To end on a nostalgic note, after performing his new song "Look Inside Our Hearts" with Martin Garrix, he performed "Calling (Lose My Mind)" to close the show. Mary Gibson

Charles Cox

“How are you Miami? How are you ? Carl Cox shouted into the darkness of the massive hull as the crew prepared their hybrid gear. We've already lost a minute. Some sounded a little impatient, but then, like a superhero, Cox blasted his signature trumpet, followed by a kick, then bass – we had Leaf. Cox hit the speakers first, playing them and Frankie Woo's "See the Sun Rising." Techno is a simple but powerful sound; No one knows that better than Cox. Cox stuck to his familiar tone technique for what felt like an hour: punchy bass, sweet hi-hat, and more. Although he added drum patterns and effects to his mix setup, the percussion was minimalistic at its best. grant alberto


Marshmello, best known for the marshmallow helmet he wears, closes day two of Ultra on the main stage. To the surprise of fans, he brought in three different special guests who seemed a bit random, including rapper Gloriala performing "FNF (Let's Go)" and Roddy Rich singing "The Box." Their most recent guest was Puerto Rican rapper Farruco of "Peppas" fame, who performed their unannounced collab "Esta Vida." In general, the reception for their closing performance was not particularly warm, especially from those who watched the live broadcast. It seems fans were upset that despite having an impressive catalog of music at their disposal, Marshmello failed to bring greatness to this band. As his collaboration with Bastille comes to a sad end, Happier can speak to fans' feelings: " I want you to be happier...but I know that means I have to go." Mary Gibson

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