12 Tips To Be Safe At Movement, Nightclubs, Bars In Detroit

12 Tips To Be Safe At Movement, Nightclubs, Bars In Detroit

As the weather heats up in Metro Detroit with the popular annual Motion Electronic Music Festival taking place this weekend, nightlife companies want customers to be aware of personal safety while having fun.

The famous Detroit nightclub Spotlight led the discussion. In February, the venue launched an ongoing series of city council meetings on bar and nightclub safety. The first event attracted a standing audience, engaging customers in a thoughtful conversation about what needs to be done to improve safety.

Spotlight owner Roula David said: "Some security issues were brought to our attention (last summer) and whether or not it was the place's fault it was public opinion, we felt we needed to make a statement and rather than enforce policies or make our own rules With us, I thought it would be really helpful to have a town hall where a real community could say, "It's going to make us safe birds.

David has assembled a panel of local personalities led by Cairo Coffee owner Monica Isaacs and DJ/activist Crystal Juice.

One of the results of the feedback gathered during tonight's session is a new list of 12 club safety tips written by Isaac, Gauss and David and published by Spotlight this week prior to the move.

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Although some may sound like practical reasoning, they are all useful and important reminders. Here are 12 tips that have been slightly edited for clarity:

1. If you are alone outside, identify someone who works at the venue and introduce yourself.

2. If you are alone, make sure someone on site escorts you to your car.

3. Always watch your drink.

4. Make sure your phone is charged and always with you.

5. If you see strange behavior, report it to a staff member.

6. Be aware of your surroundings on the dance floor. Scan the room.

7. Check in with your group of friends at night. Use a measuring system. Check your intention for tonight. administration? Melt? If you move in with someone new, reach out to your friends, etc.

8. Personal responsibility while drinking and on the dance floor: Take care of yourself and your belongings while drinking and on the dance floor.

9. Consent: Make sure you are listening and communicating clearly.

10. Trust your intuition. If something is wrong, let it go.

11. Determine the emergency exits from space.

12. Keep your valuables out of sight in your car.

"Our painting really highlighted a lot of things," said David. “Some things I knew, some things I didn’t; just like Monica and Crystal. We came up with the list together, and the collective insights and pointers we pulled from our dashboard that we gleaned from our personal experience were all women of color.

The next town hall is scheduled for this summer. Other aspects of the job include Narcan training and self-defense lessons.

"I hope visitors and people will look at this list, especially women who feel vulnerable," David says. If they can look at it and develop some responsibility for themselves and those around them as they go in. And no - it's very important for binary or male people to read this and know what we're looking for. And to be allies to support people when they are abroad."

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This article originally appeared in the Detroit Free Press: How to Stay Safe at Night: Tips for Getting Around at Night, Clubs, and Vehicles

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