Decoding Underground Music And The Kolkata Clubbing Scene

Decoding Underground Music And The Kolkata Clubbing Scene

There was a time when a newly purchased Pink Floyd or Mohiner Ghoraguli album or EP was listened to from A to B in one sitting. Most music lovers will be happy to sit and listen to music for hours, locating every note and analyzing every song. As the way music is produced and distributed changes, so does the way it is understood and read, and underground and electronic DJ-curated music reigns over Kolkata parties.

Discover underground music

Over the past few decades, “party culture” has had a significant impact on how music is heard and understood. Music has become an integral part of the party or club scene, people use music to set the mood, set the tone and express themselves. Currently, and for quite some time now, one of the main genres that evoke this feeling in urban clubs is underground and electronic music.

With Bollywood and hip-hop, underground music is different from advertising. Although the genre has its hits, it can range from techno to experimental, industrial to psycho-trance, and every other subgenre in between. And when it comes to underground music, Kolkata ups its game with an array of international and domestic DJs like Artbat, Innellea, Jerome Isma-Ae, Avalon, Guy J, Ankytrixx, Anushka, Kiss Nuka, Kayan and more. in the city.

You know the vibe

A A good party starts with good publicity. This is where the social media (or offline media) profiles of local music event curators come in. Clubs have different days dedicated to different genres to maintain balance and showcase all types of music. Located at the Astor Hotel on Shakespeare Sarani, Phoenix hosts karaoke, hip-hop, commercial and techno nights hosted by the trio of DJs RishiBoy, Roxana Peterson and Rudra. Roxy and Aqua hold commercial music events and progressive house and techno parties at the Park Hotel on Park Street . Golden Parkk , located on Park Street , is the perfect place to listen to any type of music on the weekends. Five clubs have different stages at the same time and you can leave #SpoiltForChoice.

Touch sound

While the vibe of the club, which features a variety of styles, is important, it's the plans of the event curators that bring the scene to life. Kolkata has event curators like Sanyam Gupta Associates and Monataurus Hospitality who brought Artbat to the city for the first time, Kliq Entertainment by DJ Kunal G, The BPM Theory by Aamir Ali Nawaz, co-owner of Arcane's Code Red Experience and offline. Son Agarwal.

Even though the music is less lyrically driven, avid listeners quickly pick up on the sound. The beats, the melodies and especially the bass line move the audience. During these concerts, the majority of the public is almost always facing the DJ, and not grouped in groups. Instead of singing the lyrics, they expect the ups and downs, and the tension in the different sets draws people in. Sometimes a performer drops a set with popular song lyrics and melodies, but that's just to give the audience a pulse and a sense of familiarity, after which the DJ takes the music in a different direction.

Dress code

It's not that many people dress differently at underground gigs, but there are unique fashion characteristics that can be seen in these scenes. Because of flashing lights, most people like to wear sunglasses (yes, in the dark). Some see it as a place for self-expression and elegant or extravagant attire. Some may dress "dirty", meaning they dress in an unconventional or edgy style. Techno parties often have a culture of self-expression, individuality, and pushing boundaries, so attendees can choose to wear clothes that reflect these values. This may mean wearing threadbare clothes soaked in body paint or other unusual items. A trend that is spreading all over the world and even India and slowly making its way to Kolkata is neon and glow in the dark sets.

As underground music grows in popularity all over the world, there are big events happening every weekend. This broad genre is perceived differently, with a minimum of text and a maximum of melody. Driving basslines make the night of underground music flow, and listeners who resonate with it find their own expression in the sound.

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