Don't Miss Your Chance To Save $80 On Samsung's Top Smartwatch In This Flash Deal

Don't Miss Your Chance To Save $80 On Samsung's Top Smartwatch In This Flash Deal
Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro wristwatch

Plus a $120 guaranteed business loan.

$370 $ 450 Save $80

Android smartwatches don't get much higher-quality or feature-rich than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, a complete beast of a wearable with the style and performance you need. If you're interested in picking one up, the $80 lightning sale is just the reason you need it.

Winter is the season to dress up—slip one on your wrist, unbutton those buttons, and leave that bulky phone at home. Modern fitness trackers and smartwatches have more features than ever, and from mobile payments to listening to your favorite music, you can do a lot on the go without a data connection.

While you have plenty of great smartwatches to choose from, Samsung makes some of the best, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the king of the bunch. Today's deal is a limited-time express deal, $80 off the regular retail price, up to $370 for the standard WiFi model, or up to $420 for the cellular-equipped LTE version. Even better, Samsung is commercial engineering and offers a $120 credit for any smartwatch in any condition (did you know the cost of owning a Moto 360).

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Historically, smartwatches have been full of so many compromises that it's hard to recommend them with confidence, but when Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 4, that started to change in a big way. Last year, the company launched the impressive Watch 5 series along with it. Today we are testing the new Pro model.

With its premium titanium body and raised bezel, it's easy to immediately appreciate the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as a solid alternative to the standard Watch 5. Perhaps the biggest improvement is in endurance, and with a 590mAh battery, the Watch 5 Pro will have no problem getting two days of use between charges.

The $450 sticker price generally makes the Watch 5 Pro for the most dedicated smartwatch fan, not just any newbie, and that's what makes today's deal so enticing. Act fast and you'll save $80 right away, but things get really interesting when you use a business loan. Even if your old Fitbit cost $120, Samsung has dropped it down to $250 with everything. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of this offer while you can.

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