Gaming Community Salutes Technoblade, Late YouTube Star Who Built 'Minecraft' Empire

Gaming Community Salutes Technoblade, Late YouTube Star Who Built 'Minecraft' Empire

The community around the hit video game Minecraft lost one of its most popular content creators this week after YouTube star Technoblade died of cancer on Thursday. He was 23 years old.

Technoblade, who has 11 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.8 million followers on Twitter, has become famous for his videos of the hugely popular game. In Minecraft , players operate in a pixelated world where they collect materials to craft tools and buildings and avoid blocked enemies.

The video's producer announced his death in a video released on Thursday. The YouTube clip, titled "So Long Nerds," shows fans reading Technoblade's last preserved message to his father.

"If you look at that, I'm dead," said Technoblade's father, reciting his son's lyrics, which also included Technoblade's real name, Alex.

In the 6.5-minute video, Technoblade's father, dressed in his son's merchandise, sits in an empty white room with a small dog on his lap. Through his father, Technoblade thanked fans for supporting his gameplay videos and "selling" his merchandise, joking that the proceeds would go toward sending his siblings to college. I mean, if they want, I don't want to force a dead colleague on my brother, the Technoblade message says.

"If I had 100 lives left I'd probably choose to be a Technoblade every time because these are the happiest years of my life," his greeting continued. "I hope you enjoyed my content and made some of you laugh. I hope you all live long, prosperous and happy lives because I love you. Technoblade away."

Technoblade announced his cancer diagnosis in August 2021 via a YouTube video.

About halfway through the YouTuber's latest video, Technoblade's father recalls his son's final moments. He stroked the dog and paused between sentences, his voice trembling. Explaining how she encouraged her son to write the break-up message, she said she "doesn't think things are going to get better".

Technoblade died eight hours after the release.

"He was the greatest kid anyone could ever dream of. I miss Technoblade," he said. "Thank you so much for everything. You meant so much to her."

Hours after Technoblade's latest video - which has already amassed nearly 34 million views and is the number one video on YouTube - tributes were pouring in from prominent members of the streaming and gaming community.

"RIP Technoblade. An absolute legend in the community, whose influence is felt everywhere," tweeted Irish YouTuber JackSepticie, whose real name is Senator William McLaughlin. "F-Cancer".

"Rest in Peace Tech was lucky to meet you," tweeted Minecraft colleague Tubo.

The official Minecraft Twitter account also shared that he will "miss a lot."

The game's official Twitter account tweeted: "We're trying to find words, but we're all devastated here at the loss of the Technoblade in Minecraft ." "He meant so much to our community and brought so much joy." Los Angeles Times/Tribune News Service

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