Minecraft Finally Fixes An 11Year Old Bug

Minecraft Finally Fixes An 11Year Old Bug
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The latest Minecraft trailer fixes an 11-year-old bug that has somehow survived until now. The Minecraft update is also responsible for changing the game a bit and bringing some improvements to some of the mechanics.

Bugs have been a permanent part of the Minecraft experience since its release in 2011. Whether it's a stray pet of Minecraft's release, a weird graphical glitch, or something else, this excellent building and customization sandbox game the world is clearly full of flaws. . However, most of the game's main problems are solved very quickly. However, this is not a case of a single mistake.

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Minecraft Snapshot 23w18a came out and fixed MC-1133, a bug that has been in the game for 11 years. In this Reddit post, game developer Mojang announced that a new patch will fix this bug, which was first reported in 2012. On October 29. MC-1133 is a rare but harmless step-related bug. In short, when a character walks to the end of a block but is still standing on it, Minecraft will fail and think the player is in the air, so they won't take any action. It's hard to feel him when you're not paying attention, but it's still surprising that he managed to last this long despite his knowledge.

Other changes in Snapshot 23w18a include fixing 11 other known bugs, allowing players to no longer need a forge die to access the rigging table, adding a jukebox to the crafting tab, and more. Players can already install Snapshot if they are currently using Minecraft Java Edition . To do this, they need to open their game launcher and activate the snapshots through the Install tab. Be warned though, according to Mojang's post, that this is a beta version and may lead to save crashes, so it's a good idea to back up your worlds before installing.

Minecraft is constantly changing, and the latest mods add some really cool features to the experience. Last week, a new Minecraft mod allowed players to build with ChatGPT. With it, players can automate some of the construction process by using similar images to create 3D models within the game. Unfortunately, however, the actual results are far from impressive, which may result in most players continuing to play the game as it is now.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and older platforms.

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