Samsung Announces "Bespoke Life" Hardware Event For June 7

Samsung Announces
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Samsung has announced a new hardware launch event for June 7, 2023. No, it's not yet time for the next Galaxy Unpacked. Instead, the company will showcase its next-generation speaker devices at the upcoming Bespoke Life 2023 event. However, you have not mentioned any product yet.

At the event, Samsung will show its new flagship

In a public invitation post in the press room, Samsung said the event "reveals a vision of the future of bespoke and expands the possibilities of your home life." The attached infographic shows that sustainability will be a major focus for future products. Indeed, in recent years, the company has made its products more environmentally friendly. It uses recycled materials in various parts and reduces the use of plastic.

Connectivity and style are two other areas that Samsung prioritizes for its smart devices. All next-generation on-demand devices fit seamlessly into your connected ecosystem powered by SmartThings. The Korean giant has repeatedly spoken about expanding the ecosystem of connected devices and the importance of ensuring the safety of this ecosystem. So we can hear something about the latest security measures.

Bespoke Life 2023 will showcase Samsung's commitment to transform customers' lives through sustainability, connectivity and design, showcasing streamlined convenience and continuous innovation that enriches customers' daily lives, the company announced at the event.

As for the products we will see at the event, only Samsung knows. We are looking for custom made refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and other appliances. The company will broadcast the Bespoke Life 2023 event worldwide on June 7. You can watch it on the official YouTube channel and

The event begins at 10:00 am EDT (2:00 pm GMT/4:00 pm CEST). If you can't watch it live, we'll cover all the company's big announcements here in Android Headlines.

Galaxy Unpacked may continue in July.

Another big hardware event is expected in July, with the new Samsung device expected to launch in June. The next Galaxy Unpacked is said to be released in late July, two weeks earlier than last year. The foldable Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 devices, the Galaxy Tab S9 series of flagship tablets, the Galaxy Watch 6 series of smartwatches and possibly a new pair of TWS headphones will be revealed at the event. We will let you know as soon as we receive official news from Samsung about the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event.

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