Samsung Leaks Exciting Galaxy Smartphone Upgrades

Samsung Leaks Exciting Galaxy Smartphone Upgrades

Samsung's latest developments point to a new direction in how the company might design future smartphone cameras, with the vastly improved Galaxy S24 Ultra paving the way.

A recent Galaxy Club report reveals that the company is developing two new camera sensors, the Isocell Zoom and the Isocell Zoom Pro, with trademark filings in the UK and South Korea. While no specific details about their capabilities have been released, they appear to be used in the next-generation zoom cameras on Samsung devices.

According to popular leaker RGcloudS, the Isocell Zoom and Isocell Zoom Pro will launch in the 2024 Samsung Galaxy S line. According to their predictions, Isocell Zoom (also known as "3J") offers 10.87 megapixels in the "RGB model" and supports "Dual Super PD" (Phase Detection Auto Focus), builds Isocell Zoom Pro (or "JN5"). . Later it became Pixel. It should have a more impressive 50 MP design using the "Hexa2Pixel" system to support the integration methods. This Pro model will be exclusive to high-end phones like the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

In recent years, Samsung has been using 10-megapixel Sony IMX sensors for telephoto lenses. However, the use of local technologies indicates that the company is trying to create something new. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is said to feature a redesigned camera with a variable zoom lens next year. Therefore, the new Isocell zoom sensor can be included in the devices.

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