Security Settings You Need To Turn On To Avoid A Samsung Galaxy Hack

Security Settings You Need To Turn On To Avoid A Samsung Galaxy Hack
Samsung Galaxy smartphone being used with a stylus © Framesira / Shutterstock A Samsung Galaxy smartphone is being used with a stylus

Samsung Galaxy series represents an important part of the global smartphone market. Statista reports that the company shipped 58.2 million devices in Q3 2022, down significantly from 88.5 million (Q1 2014), but it's still a lot of phones.

This means that, as with all brands of this type, there are millions of Samsung Galaxy users who carry their personal and most important data in their pockets. Many of us do online shopping, cloud downloads, online banking logins, and similar activities every single day, sometimes without even thinking about it.

Just as we take steps to protect our PCs, laptops, and tablets with antivirus software, we should do the same with our smartphones. Samsung Galaxy owners will be happy to know that there are simple settings that can increase the security of your device (just like iPhones). Let's take a closer look.

Your Samsung Galaxy's security settings must be turned on

Samsung Galaxy smartphone on a wooden surface © Framesira / Shutterstock Samsung Galaxy smartphone on a wooden surface

Some smartphone users may fear that advanced security settings and regular monitoring are required to keep their devices safe. Fortunately, some important preventive measures are rarely followed. As stated in the Google Play Help, Play Protect scans apps that users download from the App Store and looks for signs of malware or other malicious intent when they are stored on the device. Crucially, the service also prevents apps that can do this from bypassing permissions and accessing private data.

Play Protect is activated by following these simple steps:

  1. Open your profile from the Google Play Store app.

  2. In the Play Protect menu, select Settings, then turn on Scan apps with Play Protect. Or, if possible, make sure it's always on.

Improved malware detection is achieved by sharing unknown apps with Google. With this simple procedure, your Samsung Galaxy device will be better protected. Play Protect (Android) is used by 2.5 billion devices around the world, which ensures its absolute popularity and effectiveness, but of course there is no reason to stop there. It is also important to purposefully enhance the protection of such a coating.

Other recommended security settings for your Samsung Galaxy

In May 2019, Samsung released a video showing the security options available to Samsung Galaxy users through the Biometrics and Security screen in the main settings. While there are no "correct" settings to turn on, and hackers and anti-malware are getting more and more sophisticated, it's important to learn which security settings work for you.

If you have a lot of apps on your Samsung Galaxy and/or you don't control all of them, you have a great opportunity. In a specific app's settings (by long-pressing the icon on the home screen and selecting App info), scroll down to Permissions. With sliders, users can control exactly what each of their apps can access, from storage to microphones.

The Samsung Galaxy also has a Find My Mobile feature, like Apple's, that allows users to locate their devices (it was recommended by the NYPD to combat urban auto theft). Remote control of Google location services and enabling last location transmission via Find My Mobile settings sliders helps ensure that it is not damaged if lost or stolen.

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