TECNO Debuts New ‘Magic Skin A Waterproof, Stain & Abrasion Resistant Material Technology

TECNO Debuts New ‘Magic Skin  A Waterproof, Stain & Abrasion Resistant Material Technology

TECNO is the first brand in Africa to introduce Magic Skin, one of the latest and most innovative smartphone design materials in the industry.

As part of TECNO's commitment to innovation and improving product design based on customer feedback, aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, TECNO 2023 introduced "Magic Leather", a unique blend of polymers and microparticles that create an elegant and friendly skin. . an easy-to-clean design and finish, as well as high quality and unique functional advantages that meet consumer demands.

TECNO's Magic Skin has smooth and elegant texture, softer touch, stunning color effect with vivid colors and vivid patterns, and carefully selected Magic Skin design to provide unique placement and unique style. each product line.

With the latest breakthrough in innovative materials in smartphone design, Magic Skin introduces an entirely new material technology that is skin-friendly, stylish and easy to maintain.

This new "Magic Leather" material will be incorporated into the latest CAMON, SPARK and POP series, keeping consumers abreast of the latest trends in smartphone design innovation.

The advantages of "Magic Leather" are not limited only to its aesthetic and visual appeal. The material is not only water resistant, but also abrasion resistant, and thanks to its dense molecular structure, it can withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to 70°C, which protects the material from stains and splashes, as well as UV rays.

Perfect for everyday use, whether you spill coffee or wine on your smartphone, thanks to TECNO's new Magic Skin material technology, you can easily wipe it clean without leaving streaks or smudges.

"Magic Skin" is also designed to reduce the weight and thickness of the smartphone, maintain durability and practicality, provide smoother integration and comfortable grip.

With the introduction of Magic Leather to its product line, TECNO has taken another step in its material and design innovation, pushing the boundaries and creating new possibilities for the future. With a “no stopping” philosophy, TECNO has produced products that demonstrate what design and aesthetics are capable of.

Their commitment to the "Stop Creating" mantra has also driven their continued efforts with the latest launch of Magic Shell.

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