This Top Fitbit Smartwatch Is 22% Off Right Now

This Top Fitbit Smartwatch Is 22% Off Right Now

Trying to crush your fitness goals before summer? While attaching one of the best health and activity trackers to your wrist won't replace your diet, nutrition, and exercise plan, it will certainly help you gain a better understanding of how your body is performing on a daily basis.

Ask us and we often recommend Fitbit. That's why we're excited to announce 22% off the Fitbit Versa 4 on Amazon as part of the Fitbit Sale, which runs through May 28th.

Make a Fitbit sale on Amazon

The smartwatch-style tracker is now £156.04, down from £199.99, a massive £43.95 discount. We checked and it was the lowest ever!!

Whether you're tracking sleep quality, steps taken, heart health, or calories burned during a leg or full-body workout, the wearable provides accurate stats and stats when paired with your phone for instant notifications, calls, and text messages. Oh, and yes, they're often overlooked, but they'll also tell you the time.

Launched last September, the Versa 4 has everything you need for sports and health tracking. It has 20 more modes than previous Versa models (40 instead of 20), as well as a sleeker design and Google Pay.

Sure, the Apple Watch or Fitbit's Sense 2 have more power, superior build quality, and tighter phone integration, but we think of them as full-fledged smartwatches, not fitness companions. You get six months of Fitbit Premium for free, but the biggest draw is that these extra features are charged once the trial is over.

Fitbit Versa 4: © Fitbit Versa 4



While everything else remains largely the same as the previous device (including six days of battery life and built-in GPS for runners), those new to the world of fitness trackers (or upgrading from simpler devices like the Charge 5) will find something to do. . to enjoy in love

So if you like a lightweight and versatile fitness tracker to help you reach your summer goals, the Versa 4 is just what you need. Act fast to grab the deal as this is a limited time offer that ends on May 28th.

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