Trakt Comes To Android To Help You Keep Up With Your Favorite TV Series And Movies

Trakt Comes To Android To Help You Keep Up With Your Favorite TV Series And Movies

In the age of streaming, it's easy to get lost in the sea of ​​new content. With so many new movies coming out every week, remembering what to watch and then figuring out where to watch it can be an impossible task. Track is now available on Android to help you manage your movies and TV shows so you don't miss a thing.

The app, previously available to VIP beta testers, is now available for everyone to download and sign up for. Users can bookmark episodes of TV shows they've watched and add new shows to their list so they don't have to make tough decisions about what to watch next. To make it easier to keep up with the news, the app sends notifications every time a new episode is released.

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Like its movie-based counterpart Letterboxd, you can rate everything you've seen, but you can't write reviews. However, these steps will help you with feedback so you can continue to find what you like.

Tract understands that it can be difficult to find the right show on the right streaming service, which is why we've partnered with JustWatch to give you the right streaming link when you need it.

As with most free apps, there is a paid tier with some extra features. Users registered for VIP status can compile year-end summaries of the best movies and series, as well as collect statistics on their viewing habits. Naturally, this subscription removes the Tract from all advertising.

The track has social features to see what your friends are watching and you can comment on them if you think it's worth discussing.

To watch content from various streaming services, you need a Smart TV device to download the necessary apps. If you're not sure which device is right for you, our favorite Android TV boxes should point you in the right direction.

Automatically track and sync all your movies and TV shows in one place. |: 2022

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