What Is Coachella?

What Is Coachella?

Chances are, anyone reading this has a complete idea of ​​what happened the next night. There are countless first-person accounts on TikTok and Instagram, podcast interviews with fired skaters, downloads from popular media and other artists.

According to the team, Frank injured his ankle a week before the event. It's not clear how much damage was done to the original ice arena scene (which was supposed to be the centerpiece of the show) and the final decision to move the show to Sunday, although Frank's team was the reason. He withdrew from the festival on the second weekend.

According to the skiers who were hired to make the skis, Frank was negotiating with the festival with some hesitation, frustration or with the festival and/or the preparation of the festival last Sunday.

On Sunday, it was decided (or carried out) to demolish the walkway that had been built on the ice platform that day. The extra time needed to tear down (or even melt) the track and rebuild the main stage caused the show to be delayed 45 minutes to an hour after 10 p.m. Earlier in the afternoon, skaters scheduled to perform in the show were either told they were kicked out or asked to show up to the show in custom Prada uniforms instead of their set numbers. All these changes happened without the knowledge of the audience, many of whom had stood in front of a packed stage for more than 10 hours to see Frank.

The show began, and for a while there was only a large video feed of skaters walking in opposite directions in restricted circles, located in the section of the stage closest to the crowd. Finally, the cameras pan to a sprawling studio backdrop behind the skaters, with drums, keyboards, lots of analog synths, microphones, and studio equipment, followed by a brief glimpse of Frank himself in a blue mammoth puffer jacket. .

"Novaken" opens, perhaps his breakout hit, from his debut mixtape "Nostalgia, ULTRA." The now-deleted video of the entire performance shows the crowd jumping up and down and chanting the words to the front, as well as Frank's rendition of "Crack Rock." Both tracks are indicative of the show's purpose: the lyrics of "I Met Her at Coachella" resonate strongly with "Novaken" for practical reasons, but especially with "Crack Rock"'s "Pig Shot" verse. Three hundred people looking for me / My brother slaps me / No one hears a sound,” Frank deliberately skips the third line and gets the crowd to sing for him.

The music was quiet for a long time as those on stage prepared for what was to come, forcing those in the crowd to be in time, if only they could hear their own thoughts - "What's the next track?" Or "The people next to me won't stop talking to me. During these long periods of silence, people had no choice but to listen to the screams of the people around them. After 12 hours at the festival, knees were on their knees. Silence can. In theory, it also makes people accept what they have to offer for a test, but this It didn't happen to most of them: in the sea of ​​spectators, the atmosphere was marked by hostility.

Frank delivers a heavily reworked version of "White Ferrari" from "Blonde," singing gracefully over harsh synth arpeggios, a far cry from the studio version. At one point, he pulled out the microphone and danced to the song, singing the lyrics to a hi-fi mix of 'Chanel', which then segued into DJ Crystals' mix of an unreleased Sango remix. He addressed the crowd directly, explaining that his presence was an effort to remember his brother, who died in a car accident recently, and recounted a happy memory they shared at Coachella when they saw Ra's Sremmord.

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