All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

"There are times when I'm in the studio the end result is pop, but I'm not going to say, 'I'm going to do a pop song today,' but it can happen," Post Malone said. He once informed him that even if a rapper wasn't on this list, many other pop artists likely feel the same way about how their songs become hits.

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Rosalia - "Toya"

Rosalía is in full romantic bloom and honors her boyfriend, Rao Alejandro, with a special song about moments in their relationship. "Exploration is part of who I am as a musician, and with Tuya, inspirations such as reggaeton, Japanese instrumentals, flamenco, and jab coexist in equal measure," he said in a statement.

BTS - "Take Two"

BTS' hiatus doesn't stop them from providing fans with new music to keep them entertained until their comeback. Their new song "Take Two" addresses their military directly, talking about how they all live together; "Yeah, we've never felt so young / When we sing a song together...

Niall Horan - Presentation

On the title track of Niall Horan's new album, he deals with how life's mistakes eventually make us. "If everything is so clear, how will we know?" / How to mend tears, how to make a show / How to make a smile, yeah, how do we know? / But how good it is for us to have it. he asks in chorus.

Sam Smith, Madonna - "Volgar"

Sam Smith finds Madonna suitable for upping the drama in new song "Volgar" the duo reportedly recorded the day after the Grammy Awards. "If you hit Sam tonight, you choke me / So watch what you say or I'll smash bananas," Madonna replies during the track's turn.

Shawn Mendes - "Why We Die"

With the viral coverage of the recent fires, many have wondered how he managed to turn things around so quickly. Ahead of the release, Mendes shared that he ended it hours earlier, which seems to shed some light on his relationship/breakup with Camila Cabello.

PinkPantheress - "Angel"

PinkPantheressen's "Angel," another song to fill out the Barbie soundtrack, will be released next month to encourage audiences to check out the blockbuster. While The Machine is as optimistic as the rest, Lost Love haunts the words.

Renee Raab - "Snow Angel"

While actress Renee Rabe is set to star in the upcoming remake of Mean Girls , she's keeping her musical side sharp as she prepares to usher in a new era with Snow Angel. The track shows that she goes all out in emotional battles.

Janelle Monáe - "Phenomenon" (feat. Doechii)

"Dancing 'cause there's no one like you in this booze," Monae and Doechy sing in the bridge of "Phenomenal." The collaboration, which appears on their new album The Age Of Pleasure, sees the two musicians entertain themselves self-deprecatingly, turning it into a poignant anthem for fans.

Joss Dipperton - Sunset

"Your light is like a beacon I'll never see / You've put out the flame, I'm drowning in the dark / You've burned all the bridges, now there's no light," Dapperton sings in the outro. . Song: Ilonapara. This iconic pop song will be featured on Henge's album next month.

Noah Kahan - "Dial Drunk"

Noah Kahan's "Dial Drunk" became a sensation even before it was posted on TikTok. The song now has a chance to become a hit as fans love the familiar story from the villain's point of view.

Some of the artists featured here are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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