Bareno: The French DJ Who Skillfully Blends Afro/Melodic House And Melodic Techno

Bareno: The French DJ Who Skillfully Blends Afro/Melodic House And Melodic Techno
Barreno, a 23-year-old French singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, is fast becoming a promising young talent in the world of electronic music. Specializing in Afro/melodic house and melodic techno, he wowed audiences with heady performances combining catchy melodies and energetic beats.

Born in France with Guadeloupe roots, Barreno found his musical inspiration at a young age. At the age of six, she was given an MP3 player, where she repeatedly listened to Madonna's electro-pop single "Hung Up". This experience sparked a deep passion for music that never left him. Over the years, Bareno has hosted gatherings for friends, posted playlists on YouTube, and created a party atmosphere.

His journey as a DJ started in 2020 when he studied at EDHEC Business School in Lille. Under the guidance of his friend DJ Ilsan, he started learning how to mix and party at an apartment called "VN VIBES" with his friend VH. His talent was quickly noticed, which led to him being invited to perform in unique venues and becoming a regular DJ in Madrid.

During his early days in Madrid, the Barreños mix was heavily influenced by disco and the soulful house of cult artists such as Terence Parker. Back in Paris, she meets Michel Vendetta, the creator of a unique deep house party concept called "La Santa Maria". These parties became a revelation for Bareno, who turned 180 degrees towards deep house and melodic house. She also had the opportunity to meet Afro-house music producers such as Jans and Lisa Desormeaux, who introduced her to a whole new world of art and music.

Returning to Lille to complete his final year of Masters in Data and Artificial Intelligence at the EDHEC Business School, Barreno gradually demonstrated his musical talent, bringing his melodic afro/house style to Social Group's most well-known bars such as Madré and Cartel. His infectious enthusiasm and ability to create a magical atmosphere led him to DJ at the popular La Lilois outdoor event, which brings together talented local DJs. Immersion in the Lille music scene was a rewarding experience for Bareno, allowing him to connect with other artists and absorb the creative energies that thrive in the region. These opportunities have helped him establish himself on the local scene and gain recognition among a growing audience.

Since then, Barreno has performed in various Parisian clubs, gaining popularity and recognition. In 2022, he has decided to devote himself entirely to his music career and producing projects. This bold decision led him to create his first single entitled "God", a real immersion in a universe that blends Afro House, Melodic House and Progressive House.

The song, composed by Michael Johan in a Paris studio and arranged by Jans, received a warm welcome from the public and opened up new possibilities for him. Bareno continues to explore new musical horizons and work on several production projects. The next single "Capture" will be released on June 9 and promises to thrill melodic techno fans. He's also planning several venues for the summer, including shows on the south and north coasts of France, as well as in the Lille, Paris and Spanish regions.

Barreno's unique and innovative musical style sets him apart from other artists in the electronic scene. His compositions are characterized by catchy and creative melodies in which he constantly tries to surprise his audience by playing with filters and adding energetic percussion elements. His musical DNA is a mix of influences, from the African sounds he discovered during his travels in Africa to the hypnotic rhythms of contemporary electronic music.

As a music producer, Bareno took an independent approach by establishing his own music label, Bareno Music Productions. He decided to control all stages of music creation, production and distribution in order to maintain complete control over his music. This approach allows you to fully express your creativity and offers interesting international topics. Several of his productions have achieved significant success and are broadcast on prestigious radio and clubs in France and abroad.

For Barreno, music is more than just a passion. It is a means of expressing emotions and creating unique moments during their performance. His artistic evolution is marked by the difficulties he masterfully overcomes and the successes for which he is famous. He constantly strives to innovate and push the boundaries of his craft, providing his listeners with an unforgettable musical experience.

Recently, Bareno has been inspired by many famous artists and ensembles, enriching his music scene. His influences include Kinmusik, NTO, Black Circle, Ivory, Stefan Bodzin, Rafael Serrato, Fabrice Dayan and many others. Each of these talents contributed to shaping his unique style and prompted him to explore new musical sounds and textures. Barreno stays up to date with the latest trends and developments in the electronics scene, which keeps him relevant and constantly pushes the boundaries of his creativity. Through recent musical influences, Bareno brings a modern and innovative edge to his productions while maintaining his unique musical DNA.

As for upcoming projects, Bareno has exciting music release plans in store. Following the success of her debut single "God", she has been working on a new song that will further explore her unique sonic world. His goal is to perform at major electronic music festivals and events, share his music with a growing audience, and spread his love of melodic house.

Barreno is a promising young French DJ talent. His creative path reflects his determination, creativity and commitment to excellence. With his captivating music and dazzling stage presence, he impressed audiences and left an indelible mark on the world of electronic music. Keep up with Bareno's latest news by following him on social media and visiting the official website.

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