Every New SpiderMan: Across The SpiderVerse Character, Explained

Every New SpiderMan: Across The SpiderVerse Character, Explained
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You exit Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in awe and awe , but can't help but see visions of Spider-Man dancing in your eyes. From comic book creations to film remakes to emotional references, there will be no shortage of starring, guest-starring and appearances from the second half of the alternate reality and previous versions of Spider-Man in Miles Morales' latest animated film.

But who are all these spiders and where did they come from? Polygon brings you this handy pocket reference in Spider-Man : Across the Spider-Verse and where to find it, at least all we can know.

If you see a Spider-Man that isn't listed here, post it in the comments! Because with incredible Spider-Man knowledge comes a great responsibility to share Spider-Man knowledge.

[ Ed note: This post contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse .]

Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man 2099

First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 (Book 1) #1

What's his job?: Miguel O'Hara lives in the distant future of Marvel in 2099, a world dominated by corporations driving huge and dangerous innovations in genetic engineering and virtual reality. As a researcher working for the evil and powerful Alchemex, he eventually falls victim to his own experimental spider research, granting him terrifying spider-derived powers and ultimately a compelling identity as a hero. Miguel is the polar opposite of the classic Spider-Man. He's quiet and cunning with his real superhero ego and scruffy Lothario.

Responsibility Level of Authority: 4 out of 10 Uncle Ben.

Jess Drew / Spider-Man

First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight #32 (sort of)

What's up?: Jess Drew's Spider-Verse crossover is an original creation, but its name (and overall look) comes from Jessica Drew's comic book predecessor, the original Spider-Woman. Jessica's comic was created in 1976 to prevent animation studios from patenting the Spider-Woman name. He has no real connection to Peter Parker or Miles Morales as their powers derive from a surprising and mysterious origin related to HYDRA. , his father was a geneticist and possibly a talking cow. So it's a huge departure from the concept of the Spider-Verse -Jess - even though Jess is known in the comics for having books where she does superhuman things while pregnant - that she owes her older counterpart.

Point of Authority Responsible: Uncle Pence is not here. Bova was just a talking cow.

spider bank

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Book 3) #10

What did he do?: Sometimes a bad idea turns out to be brilliant. Such is the case with Earth-138's version of Hobie Brown (known in our more famous Earth-616 as Spider-Man's longtime ally - yes, Ally! - Prowler). Hobie's spider bite has turned him into an evil, wobbly spider-punk. Notably, this Spider-Man was the subject of some controversy among creators, with artist Olivier Coepel wanting to punk into the British Sex Pistols, but writer Dan Slot himself being snubbed by CBGB New. yorkers However, Hobie has won fans' love by defending the people against their corporate oppressors, leading the oppressed mob against the plantations, and banging the President of the United States in the head with his guitar.

Authority Responsibility Level: 10 out of 10 Uncle Ben. The greatest responsibility lies with the swing.

Paviter Prabhakar

First Appearance: Spider-Man India #1

What's Up?: The Spider-Man Series: India 2004 was an unusual collaboration between Marvel Comics and Indian licensee Gotham Entertainment, bringing Indian creators together to reinvent Spider-Man in their own cultural context. Thus was born Paviter Prabhakar, a small-town Indian boy transported to cosmopolitan Mumbai and gifted a spider by an ancient yogi. After selfishly allowing his uncle Bheem to kill, he devotes himself to justice and eventually meets core Marvel Comics character Spider-Man in 2015's Spider-Verse.

Authority Responsibility Rating: 9 out of 10 Uncle Bhims.

Bombastic bag men

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Book 1) #258

What's the problem?: Are you laughing? Spider-Man is wearing a Fantastic Four extra costume and a paper bag on his head, and you 're laughing ? Believe it or not, this version of Spider-Man has very valid lineage from Marvel Comics. At the end of the famous alien costume saga in 1984, Peter Parker was horrified to learn that the black suit he was wearing was an alien symbiote from another planet. This left him briefly without a costume to wear around town, but Johnny Stormy from Human Torch stepped in and gave Park one of his extra costumes, a paper lunch bag to put over his face and a " Kick me sign. Fastened discreetly on the back for security. Despite only appearing in the comics, this version of Spider-Man got his own action figure last year, which is more than most of us can tell.

Authority Responsibility Level: 7 out of 10 Uncle Ben. It would look even bigger if she wore a pair of shoes.

Sleepless Spider-Man and Spider-Man

First Appearance: Marvel's Spider-Man (2018 video game)

What's up?: Spider-Man is just the freaky, leather-clad Spider-Man from the 2018 PlayStation video game series.

Strength Responsibility Points: 1-10 Uncle Ben out of 10 depending on the player.

Amazing Spider

First Appearance: Spider-Man Family #1

What's up?: Earth-8101 is a land inhabited by anthropomorphic apes, not to be confused with Earth, which was an adaptation of Marvel's 1970s film Planet of the Apes . The spider monkey is similar in strength to its human counterpart, has a very distinct (and very unpleasant) personality, and is often willing to die fighting its animal enemies. However, after contributing to a multifaceted crisis, he heroically loses his life in a Spider-Verse crossover.

Authority Responsibility Level: 5 out of 10 Uncle Ben. Evil monkey, but it's a real spider.

spider woman

First Appearance: Spider-Verse (Vol.1) #1

What is the treatment?: Maybelle Reilly XIX. He lives in a 20th-century steampunk world where he was bitten by his father's experimental spider and gained extraordinary powers. After her father's death, May learns the value of freedom and independence and creates a mechanical weapon (similar to Iron Man's Spider-Man suit) and begins a multi-pronged battle against other spiders. Dare - folks

Authority Responsibility Level: 6 out of 10 Uncle Ben.

Ben Reilly / The Red Spider

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Book 1) #149

What's going on?: Oh my god. Alright, let's get started. In 1975, writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andrew began the feature-length story that became known as the Original Clone Saga. The evil Jackal Peter Parker cloned himself and eventually forced his clones to fight to the death, leaving only one survivor. The living Parker then throws the cloned corpse into a pile of smoke but, more importantly, refuses to confirm that he wasn't a clone at all.

When Marvel revealed two decades later that the ominous doppelganger was still alive, he dyed his hair blonde, called himself Ben Reilly, and fought crime under the identity of the Scarlet Spider. This series of revelations sparked an ill-fated second clone saga that spanned several years, in which Ben was revealed to be in fact the real Peter Parker, but then wasn't, and was eventually murdered again. But you can't keep Spider-Man good or bad, so Ben must have resurrected in 2014 during the clone conspiracy storyline. A hot-tempered double of Peter Parker, he loves, or at least passionately supports, Spider-Game. the human world ever since.

Authority Responsibility Level: 6 out of 10 Uncle Ben. Long story short, but if you ask me, Peter Parker has had enough of his temper.

spider girl

First Appearance: And...? (Vol. 2) No. 105

What's her job?: Mayday "May" Parker is the Spider-Girl meant to live. Created by writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frijns, originally What If...? A 1998 trailer showing the adventures of teenagers Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. The story was an unexpected hit, however, as Marvel surprised DeFalco and Frenz in an ongoing series that was set to take place in May.

What followed was semi-cancellations and a seemingly endless series of fan campaigns to keep Spider-Girl alive, eventually leading to a series of May Parker books that (against all odds) lasted until 2009. Under the auspices of the original creative team) and still nurtures the love of its dedicated fan base.

Authority Responsibility Level: 8 out of 10 Uncle Ben.

spider cat

First Appearance: Spider-Island: I Love New York City #1

What's the problem?: He's Spider-Man and he's also a cat. The archetypal mascot of a cast of Earth-999, Spider-Cat gains his powers through an encounter with the mysterious Spider-Totem in an untold story that makes as much sense as any Spider-Totem myth. . Morlun disguises himself as his countryman on Earth-616 to fight evil perpetrated by small mammals and birds. In the 2014 Spider-Verse, he tragically lost his life at the hands of the vampire Morlun.

Authority Responsibility Level: 10 out of 10 Uncle Ben. Brave, brave cat, brave cat.

Peter Butterker / Spider Rex

First Appearance: Edge of the Spider (Book 2) #1

What's going on?: The T-Rex wallflower Pter Ptarker lives on the prehistoric world Earth-66 and finds a meteorite infested with spiders that give him amazing spider-like powers. During his fight against his nemesis Noranosaurus, Tarker accidentally allows a tree branch to kill the villain, teaching him an important lesson about responsibility. A newcomer to comic book canon, he survived Pattarker's journey back to our reality and conquered death alongside Norman Osborn. He's still fighting crime among Spider-Man's minions.

Authority Responsibility Level: 8 out of 10 Uncle Ben.

Peter Barkidkar

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Book 3) #12

What's his business?: Who is responsible for Peter Parkedcar, Spider-Man's holographic speaking vehicle, and author Dan Slott - creator of the eponymous web-slinger blockbuster Peter Parkour? Debuting in the original Spider-Verse crossover in 2015, the ultimate Spider-Man comes from Spider-Mobile, a fun car commissioned by a 1970s toy company headed by Peter Parker. Across town, Slott later tweeted that he wanted the parked car to be from the Pixar dimension, so he has language skills. Mary Jane Datson's possible whereabouts are currently unknown.

Authority Responsibility Rating: 8 out of 10 Uncle Bens. Peter Seat belts must be worn at all times in parked cars.

Webslinger (Cowboy Spider-Man)

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (Book 3) #9

What's Up?: Having previously introduced Two-Gun to Kid Marvel in the pages of his She-Hulk series, it's no surprise that Dan Slott brought the cowboy-Spider-Man from the Wild West universe back to the Earth would bring - no 31913 could deliver that. . Although not much is known about the web-slinger's mysterious origins, he is known to have a romantic friendship with Spider-Horse (real name unknown). Take Peter Parkedcar from before Spider-Horse, so to speak. The web-slinger made his major appearances in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, when he teamed up with Spider-Man to liberate a frontier town from Doc Ock Holiday's clutches.

Authority Responsibility Level: 6 out of 10 Uncle Ben. This horse looks suspicious.

Amazing Spider Man

First Appearance: The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008 animated series)

What's up?: Spider-Man has seen many iterations of the popular cartoon, from the 1960s version to the catchy theme song to the memorable 1990 series Fox Kids. One of the most popular and unfortunate films was The Spectacular 2008's Spider-Man , which took the character back to his roots of learning the intricacies of superheroism as a high school student while also living the intricacies of teenage life. Though the character was initially controversial for her slimmer, less realistic design, the series quickly won audiences over for her ability to distill the essence of Steve Ditko-era Spider-Man for modern audiences. So basically, Pedro is the reality we know: geeky, funny, and still walking the line between responsibility and power.

Authority Responsibility Level: 5 out of 10 Uncle Ben. We'll talk when he's 18 years old.

Spiderman Unlimited

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited (1999 Animated Series)

What's the problem?: Ah. In the late 1990s, after a long and successful run at Fox Kids, Saban Network and its producers decided it was time to bring the animated Spider-Man show to life as a faithful (and ideally budget-friendly) adaptation of the original Spider-Man to restart. . Comic Guys Unfortunately, Marvel sold the rights to Spider-Man to Sony in a deal that will eventually bring Sam Raimi into the franchise, meaning what Saban creates must be entirely separate from any version of Spider-Man . Myth.

Thus was born the show about Spider-Man's arrival in techno-futuristic Counter-Earth, where he finds reinvented (and late '90s awesome) versions of the Wolf Man, the Green Goblin, and other household names fighting their way through beyond recognition. After limping through a well-received season, the series faded from public consciousness only to make a comeback among stars of the big screen this year.

Spider Maguire and Spider Garfield

First Appearances: Spider-Man (2002) and The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

What's her business?: Spider-Man spent a full decade in the tumultuous purgatory of Hollywood film rights before a minor miracle happened in 2002 when director Sam Raimi finally brought Tobey Maguire's character to the big screen. Although Maguire was considered a surprise cast himself at the time, he managed to wow audiences with his realistic and introverted portrayal of the young Peter Parker - despite his questionable dance moves in Spider-Man 3 . Unfortunately, the same universal praise is not given. Maguire's replacement, Andrew Garfield, starred as a skateboarder in the 2012 Spider-Man reboot, and Parker was influenced by Ultimate Comics. However, in 2021's "Spider-Man: No Way Home," the two actors returned to big fanfare, blaming each other as the meme predicted.

Level of Responsibility of Authority: Uncle Pence 9 out of 10 (Maguire). 2. Uncle Ben of 10 (Garfield).

spider bite

First Appearance: Vault of the Spider #1

What is the problem? To do this, Margo dons a spider-like costume and decides to fight cybercrime in her digital world.

Authority Responsibility Level: 2 out of 10 Uncle Pence. There are points for the effort, but you can't help but feel like Spider-Man is sternly warning you about downloading from Napster. The movie version looks cooler.

Spiderman 1967

First Appearance: Spider-Man (1967)

What's up?: When Spider-Man first appeared on television in animated form in 1967, there was a moment for the character. The second animated series to be adapted by Marvel Comics, and the first to feature real-life animation, has become iconic for generations of viewers with the series' catchy theme songs and sometimes faithful renditions of Ditko-era concepts and has Spider-Man helped. Take on the role of the legendary Marvel hero.

The Spider-Man in this cartoon universe resembles Peter Parker, who works for the ruthless J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bug and fights his motley crew of thugs, but he wears his signature stripeless suit (better: save the cartoon expense ) and speaks to him in a baritone voice at least two octaves lower. Very youthful appearance. He has been known to stand in a circle and gesture to the other Spider-Man.

Authority Responsibility Level: 6 out of 10 Uncle Ben.

sun spider

First Appearance: Spider-Verse (Book 3) #3

What does she do?: Another Spider-Totem who assists in many events in the Spider-Verse, Charlotte Webber is one of the final Spider-Man characters. However, he is notable for being a rare example of a disabled hero living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which forces him to use a wheelchair or crutches, even in the context of his costume identity.

Responsibility Level of Authority: 9 out of 10 Uncle Ben. It's new but has the right things.

Spider-Man (red and white costume)

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

What's up?: In 2015, the generation of fans born around the time Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson were happily married in the comics were as curious as ever to get to know the two characters the way they did they were a decade ago. So Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is something of a goodwill gesture as Peter and MJ, still married, have super-powered kids, and raise a family of crimefighters and an undercover Mary Jane. Spindle ID. With her signature red hair and white overalls, she'll be flying around the Spider-Verse.

Level of responsibility of authority: 9 out of 10 Aunt Anna Watson's.

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